? Tabi no Tochuu (Jazz) | Spice and Wolf

Title: Tabi no Tochuu Alt. Title: Opening Eng. Title: En Route on the Journey Composer: Tomohiko Kira Arranger: Martin Persson Instruments: piano, double bass, percussion Anime: Spice and…
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16 thoughts on “? Tabi no Tochuu (Jazz) | Spice and Wolf

  1. Qonell

    *Spice and Wolf*
    Opening *Tabi no Tochuu* for Piano, Double Bass and Percussion (Jazz ver.)

    I need season 3…
    The light novels are supposed to be excellent though (and I will read them

    Ok, I managed to keep the promise and uploaded one “video” each day for
    over two weeks. I won’t have much time the next days, so don’t expect as
    much uploads as in the near past.?

  2. Geco Toto

    Love it ^_^ Kinda reminds me of Charlie Brown mixed with Spice and Wolf.
    Idk why…but yeah it’s great.?

  3. marcuspvxea

    please could you make another music genre, like orchestra or violin, piano
    etc, since I don’t like jazz that much when it comes to these songs, but
    thats my problem not yours, it would just be really nice to have 1
    different music genre sometimes than just uploading very many videos of
    same genre and then change to another.?

  4. Allen Walker

    If you want to listen to some good jazz from anime I recommend listening to
    Cowboy Bebop’s OST.?

  5. Jaxson Smith

    Oh my god, this is absolutely brilliant! Its so nice to hear a Jazz cover
    of this song. I know this song on piano and I am almost done arranging my
    own orchestral cover. Thank you for giving me this fantastic surprise
    today. Also, I don’t think I need to state this but, you did a wonderful
    job creating this Jazz rendition!?


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