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Yamaha 20-Series 3-Piece C-Soprano Recorder (Blue)

Yamaha 20-Series 3-Piece C-Soprano Recorder (Blue)

  • Identical specifications and fingering that makes our YRS-20BB the most popular school recorder
  • Three-piece construction allows for easy tuning
  • This plastic is very durable for the beginning recorder player without sacrificing tone
  • Dishwasher safe - Facilitates easy cleaning, especially when broken into the three pieces
  • Color: Blue
Players of all levels will enjoy the precise, uniform intonation of the 20 series recorders. These recorders, made of ABS resin, combine outstanding Yamaha quality with durability for the ultimate in lightweight recorders. Ease of play makes the 20 series the perfect place to start.   

List Price: $ 6.91 Price: $ 4.55

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Yamaha YCL-250 Standard Clarinet Outfit **Includes a FREE 20″ x 20″ Musical Canvas Print** Reviews

Yamaha YCL-250 Standard Clarinet Outfit **Includes a FREE 20" x 20" Musical Canvas Print**

  • Nickel plated keys and bell ring
  • 4C mouthpiece
  • CLC-25BL case
New barrel design The Yamaha YCL250 student model clarinet incorporates some of the distinct qualities of Yamaha's professional and custom clarinets. One of these features is a 65mm barrel design that produces a focused tone and quick response. This will help new students in finding those hard to hit first pitches while giving an edge to students who have been playing a while longer. New bell design Nothing can be more frustrating to new students who are learning notes and fingerings for the first time than a soft sounding, out of tune instrument. A new resonance chamber in the bell of the YCL250 aids in projection and improves intonation in lower notes, allowing for the consistency and confidence in learning things correctly the firs


Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone, Gold Finish

Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone, Gold Finish

  • Hand engraving
  • Compatible with Custom Yamaha necks
  • Enhanced neck
  • Key guard
  • Left-hand seesaw key
YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone, Gold Finish. With a design influenced by high-end Yamaha saxophones, the Yamaha YAS-480 alto saxophone features highly accurate intonation, a warm tone and a quick response. It is lightweight yet durable, and comes with a professional-quality 62-style neck for a more mature quality of sound. The hand-engraved pattern on the YAS-480 bell adds an extra touch of class, and endears the instrument to its owner. The redesigned octave key system gives players the flexibility to choose between the included 62-style neck and those designed for the Custom Z and Custom EX Yamaha saxophones. The included new 62-style neck has been redesigned for improved tone and response. The separate key guards feature adjustab

List Price: $ 1,950.00 Price: $ 1,840.00