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What jazz music albums would you recommend me?

Masters of music, I want to learn about different Jazz music styles, like Classic/Typical/Traditional/Pure Jazz, Modern Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Big Band Jazz, Cool Jazz, Acid Jazz, Bebop Jazz, Hardbop Jazz, Modal Jazz, Nu Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz, and so on. Would you recommend me an album per every Jazz music style?

Please, when suggesting me any album tell me what kind of jazz style it is, so I can learn about that particular style itself.

I thank you all a lot.

Would any popular Frank Sinatra recordings be considered jazz?

I’m working on a compialation of the greatest jazz recordings of all time. I know Sinatra was a popular singer in the big band era. Should I include any of his songs like I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Come Fly with Me, Fly Me to the Moon, Night and Day, etc. in a list like that, or are they all considered pop songs? If not any of these, then which ones?