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Sabian 45003XG Cymbal Variety Package

Sabian 45003XG Cymbal Variety Package

  • The world-leading series for quality bronze cymbals at a very nice price
  • Sonically matched tight, bright sounds that deliver
  • An ideal introduction to Bronze cymbals
  • Protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty
  • Includes: 14" B8X hi-hats, 16" B8X thin crash, 20" B8X ride, 18" thin crash
Sonically matched in the Sabian Vault, the Sabian B8X Performance Set includes 14" B8X hi-hats, 16" B8X thin crash and a 20" B8X ride. An ideal performance-ready set for the serious and discerning beginner. Precision formed, hammered and lathed for pure, tonally tight sounds, B8X makes your first move into this precious metal an easy one.

List Price: $ 299.00 Price: $ 299.99

Planet Waves Pearloid Guitar Picks – 48 Assorted Variety Pack – Celluloid – Includes: 24 Medium Gauge .

  • 48 Planet Waves Pearloid Guitar Pick Variety Pack Includes:
  • Light (0.50mm)
  • Medium (0.70mm)
  • Heavy (1.0mm)
  • Extra Heavy (1.25mm)

Product Description
One of the first polymers ever created, cellulose nitrate is made by reacting cotton fibers with nitric acid. Cellulloid was substituted for natural toroise shell picks in the early 1900s and is still one of the most popular pick materials available today. They are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, shapes, and colors, and provide a natural feel and warm, fat tone. We’ve included 4 different gauges – Light (0.50mm), Medium (0.70mm), Heavy (1.0mm), and Extra… More >>

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