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LP Twist Shaker – Medium

LP Twist Shaker - Medium

  • Shakers can be played together as a set of two, individually, or interchanged for a variety of sound combinations allowing the percussionist to explore their musical styles
  • Sold as a pair
LP's new patent pending Twist Shaker is a twin set of shakers that have a twisting lock mechanism that allows the player to play them as a set in one hand or one in each hand.

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 15.99

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Sexy dirty classic jazz with a modern twist?

Im looking for new music for a burlesque number. Im normally good at finding music but Im hitting a wall and I have a deadline. Anyone know of sexy, dirty, classic jazz that is not so common? No night train, harlem nocturne, or bumps n’ grinds please. I like barry Adamson but everyone uses that too.

Your input is much appreciated.