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Eucatape Eucalyptus Infused Hand Drumming Tape – Heals and Protects Hands from Blisters Cuts Dry Skin, Better than Drum Gloves for Drum Sets Sticks Percussion Bongo Rock Latin Jazz African Conga Cajon Reviews

Eucatape Eucalyptus Infused Hand Drumming Tape - Heals and Protects Hands from Blisters Cuts Dry Skin, Better than Drum Gloves for Drum Sets Sticks Percussion Bongo Rock Latin Jazz African Conga Cajon

  • Eucatape Drumming Tape by Drum Nerd synergistically heals, protects, and strengthens your hands while drumming and allows more touch sensitivity with your drum sticks than traditional drum gloves.
  • HEALS - Eucatape is infused with great smelling Eucalyptus oils that help soothe your hands of existing blisters, cracks, or cuts with its natural anti-inflammatory properties and leaves your hands feeling soft with no sticky residue.
  • PROTECTS - Eucatape features durable fabric tape that protects your hands from blisters and gives you a better grip without any slip whether you're rocking out on your drum set or using your hands for Latin, Jazz, African, Conga, Cajon, and other percussion instruments.
  • BETTER - A traditional drum glove can be hot, uncomfortable, wear out quickly, and throw off your style (unless you're looking for the marching uniform look). Eucatape not only heals and protects your hands when using drum sticks or hand drumming, but also LOOKS AND FEELS cooler.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our drumming tapes. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied simply return your drum tape to us within 30 days for a complete refund.
Drumming for hours or even days on end can wreak havoc on your hands. Blisters and dry cracked skin are common, and when the set gets hot your sweaty hands are more likely to slip up. Drum gloves are hot, bulky, don't offer any drum stick / hand drum touch sensitivity, can wear out fast, and may even CAUSE blisters.
Eucatape is a eucalyptus-infused drum tape that will positively change the way you approach drumming, featuring a cooling sensation that helps fight against fatigue, natural anti-inflammatory healing properties that rejuvenate your hands, and tough fabric tape that protects your hands from blisters, bruises, cracks, cuts, and irritation. Eucata

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Music colleges that offer styles other than just classical and jazz?

Is Berklee the only college that offers a musical education beyond just classical and jazz styles? I can’t find any other schools where they offer a variety of styles, but Berklee is just so expensive. Are there any cheaper alternatives where I won’t be stuck playing classical stuff?

Are classical and jazz genres MORE popular in Europe than the US?

I’m moving to Germany in 20 days…I play the piano and the violin, and am really into Classical music, jazz, swing, volksmusik, (but I’m open to anything that doesn’t give me a headache). There is a reasonable opportunity to hear this music in America, but only in big cities, and MANY people don’t appreciate or understand them. Will the case be the same in Europe? (I’ll be in Germany.)

Why do Jazz and Classical Music get a respectability than Rock doesn’t yet get?

Considering the fact that for the past half-century most of the development in music was done either by Rock sucking in other styles – or by other styles being influenced by Rock. (Of course, this ignores the development of Hip Hop, which also has emerged as a stylistic force – but a much newer force than Rock.)

Do you think Rock music is appreciated enough yet by music snobs, or are the music opinionaters still primarily focusing on Jazz and Classical Music?

More jazz than not.: An article from: Sensible Sound

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