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GU GU Alto Sax Repair Parts Screws Springs Set

GU GU Alto Sax Repair Parts Screws Springs Set

  • Best Xmas Gift for Sachs Lovers!
  • Essential tools for wind lovers, DIY lovers.
  • Replace the damaged,old and dirty parts.
  • Repair tool for alto saxophone.
  • Package Included:1 x Alto Sax Repair Part Set.

1.Key axis: Series key.
2.Spring needle: The function of pressing the button.
3.Reed screw: Key reset to bounce function.
4.Spring screw: Fixed reed.
5.Top screw: Fixed key shaft.
6.Adjusting screw: Adjust the sealing button.
7.Retaining nut: Fixed decoration button effect.
8.Flower bar screw: Fixed flower bar.
Applicable:Alto Saxophone
Package Size:18x12cm/7.09x4.7in
Product gross weight:0.1kg/0.22lb
package:PE bag
Package Include:
18 x key axis
24 x Spring needle
4 x Spring
4 x Reed screw
26 x Top screw
2 x Adjusting screw
3 x Retaining nut
11 x Flower bar screw

List Price: $ 21.87 Price: $ 16.99

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