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Samick MD61 SW 61-Key Mini Digital Piano, Snow White

Samick MD61 SW 61-Key Mini Digital Piano, Snow White

  • Bench Included
  • 61 Keys
  • Eco-friendly materials used for production
  • Three colors to choose from
The Samick MD-61 mini-digital piano is not like your standard "toy piano". The MD-61 is built to be a child’s first quality piano. The design was specifically conceived with a child in mind. Available in three attractive colors, the MD-61 features 61-piano style keys with 32 note polyphony. It is the ideal instrument for children to learn on as it is built with them in mind. Included with this digital piano is a matching bench set to the appropriate height for their comfort.


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Book Perisher Valley Accommodation in NSW Snow Season

Well, the 2010 New South Wales Snow and Skiing season is just around the corner again and everyone is ready for the fun and frivolity to start. In the year of the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the sensational TV coverage it will receive, it is expected that the Australian season will be one of the best ever with tens of thousands of new skiers travelling to the NSW ski fields to learn and participate in the downhill and snowboarding disciplines they have been seeing on the TV. Thredbo and Perisher Valley ski and snowboard operators are gearing up for a bumper season and all the necessary equipment like ski lifts, snow ploughs, snow cannons and the like are all being checked over to help provide a trouble free season. Lots of new hire equipment has been ordered to provide for the expected lift in visitor numbers. Everyone in the industry is expecting a bumper season.

Perisher Valley accommodation providers are already open for bookings and this year you had better book early. The GFC has seen to it that there is not much in new accommodation available and the same story is evident at the Thredbo accommodation booking websites. Traditionally, when El Nino weather conditions prevail and the winter months are drier, the ski resorts have reported excellent snow conditions so everything is lining up to make 2010 a fantastic year with moderate El Nino conditions forecast for 2010.

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