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Latin Percussion LP442A One Shot Shaker Small

Latin Percussion LP442A One Shot Shaker Small

  • Only one "live" striking area enables the percussionist to lay forward/down strokes only (no shadow or ghost strikes follow)
  • Allows complex patterns to become simplified
  • 2 shakers per box
  • Patent Pending
Constructed of durable anodized metal

List Price: $ 34.03 Price: $ 27.66

World Percussion USA FR08N Deluxe JUMBO 8" Wood Frog Guiro Rasp - Musical Instrument Tone Block, Brown

  • Fun percussion toy - use as a guiro, rasp, or high pitch tone block
  • 8" Extra Large Jumbo size - Creates a realistic frog ribbit or croaking sound
  • Carved from a solid piece of wood for best sound - Natural brown wood finish - no paint to chip
Our Deluxe Jumbo 8" Natural Frog Guiro is better than other frog instruments because of the construction, finish, and sound. The Extra Large 8"x8" size creates a deep ribbit-like, croaking frog sound when played correctly. It is also a bass-range pitch as a wood tone block. INSTRUCTIONS: Use the wood stick (included) to gently rake up the frogs back to create a lower-pitch cricket chirp. Or lightly tap the nose of the frog with a thick end of the striker to get a deep resonating note as a wood tone block. Store the striker in the frog's mouth. NOTE: This 8" size frog guiro is large enough to be safe for younger children and strong enough to hold up to the rough handling of children.

List Price: $ 20.00 Price: $ 20.00

BG Transparent Clarinet Mouthpiece Patch – Small 0.4mm (6 Count)

BG Transparent Clarinet Mouthpiece Patch - Small 0.4mm (6 Count)

  • Amazing quality and amazing affordability
  • Incredibly durable and incredibly effective
  • Strikes an unparalleled balance between fashion and function
Offers excellent protection and comfort. Easily transfer from one piece to another without leaving glue residue. Package of 6.

List Price: $ 9.68 Price: $ 1.75

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Pro Tec MCS8B Small Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions, 0.8mm Thick, Black Reviews

Protec Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions, 6-Pack, Size Small, Thick (.8mm), Black, Model MCS8B

  • Comfort from annoying vibrations
  • Improves ligature grip
  • Protects mouthpieces
  • Small mouthpiece cushion fits most mouthpieces
Protec's Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions offer a universal fit and provide mouthpiece protection and comfort from annoying vibrations, while also improving ligature grip. Includes package of 6 mouthpiece cushions. Small cushions fit most mouthpieces. Large cushions fit Bb clarinet mouthpieces and larger.

List Price: $ 9.95 Price: $ 6.99

Nino Percussion NINO-ADJ4-S African Style “Moon Rhythm Series” Rope Tuned Djembe, Small

Nino Percussion NINO-ADJ4-S African Style "Moon Rhythm Series" Rope Tuned Djembe, Small

  • Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood
  • Hand selected goat heads
  • High quality nylon ropes
  • Hand carved shells, 15.75" tall x 8" wide
  • Age rating: 4+
  • More from NINO Percussion: amazon.com/ninopercussion
The NINO Original African Style Rope Tuned Wood Djembes are carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood. These high quality instruments are crafted with great attention to detail and provide an outstanding sound. Children can create fun sounds and interesting rhythms on these small drums at home recreationally or at school in a music room. NINO offers a full range of percussion instruments, most of which can be used together in a class to create a small musical ensemble. Whether played alone or with a group, the performance and sound quality of NINO Percussion instruments make them the ideal choice for young musicians and those who teach them.

List Price: $ 62.99 Price: $ 62.99

Protec Clarinet / Oboe Thumb Rest Gel Cushion with Extension (Size: Small), Model A353

Clarinet/Oboe Thumb Gel Cushion with Extended Support, Size Small (fits thumb rests up to 13mm wide), by Protec, Model A353

  • Relieves thumb fatigue
  • Soft gel cushion support
  • Non-slip grip design
  • Small gel cushions fit thumb rests up to 13mm wide (up to .51 inches)
Protec's clarinet / oboe thumb rest gel cushion with extension features a comfortable design for extra thumb support and cushion stability.

List Price: $ 8.52 Price: $ 5.95

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