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Sexy dirty classic jazz with a modern twist?

Im looking for new music for a burlesque number. Im normally good at finding music but Im hitting a wall and I have a deadline. Anyone know of sexy, dirty, classic jazz that is not so common? No night train, harlem nocturne, or bumps n’ grinds please. I like barry Adamson but everyone uses that too.

Your input is much appreciated.

All That Jazz Sexy Womens Flapper Costume

  • Extra Small/ Small (Fits most sizes 0-2), Small/ Medium (Fits most sizes 2-6)
  • Includes Dress and Head Piece
  • Gloves, Faux Cigarette Holder, Fishnet Does not include Tights, Garter and Shoes

Product Description
Travel back to the Roaring 20’s in the All That Jazz Sexy Women’s Flapper Costume. Flappers were rebellious young women of the 1920’s who cut their hair short, wore skirts that showed their ankles, put on too much makeup, drank alcohol and were more liberal in general than what was socially acceptable. This Flapper Halloween Costume features a fitted blue mini dress that accentuates a woman’s curves. The bottom of the mini dress is trimmed in boa feathers wh… More >>

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