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I Be Serious ‘Bout Dem Blues

The Southeast Missouri State University Studio Jazz Ensemble performs “I Be Serious ‘Bout Dem Blues”, written by John Clayton. It features Allen Beeson on trumpet, Spencer Day on tenor sax, Wes Sharp on trombone, Ethan Flood on alto sax, Dan Boemeke on guitar, and Kyle Clay on bass.

How to show my Director i`m serious about playing piano for his jazz band?

I’m currently a Bassoon player for the concert band and a saxophone for marching band, and I want to play piano for jazz band but he didn’t really take me serious. Should I just learn how to play the 12 major scales or something else I should include, I have the weekend and Monday until I see him again so I have time to remember something.

The Serious Jazz Book II

Product Description
Starting where he left off with his “Serious Jazz Practice Book,” guitar legend Barry Finnerty has created another woodshed classic for all jazz soloists. Recording artist with Miles Davis, the Brecker Bros., etc., Barry shows how to become a better improviser by melodically mastering the individual chords used in jazz, how they connect with each other, and how they are used in various song forms. Endorsed by Joe Lovano, Hubert Laws, Mark Levine, etc.Product Desc… More >>

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The Serious Jazz Practice Book,

Product Description
“The book I’ve been waiting for! Barry quite logically leads you through hundreds of wonderful studies with easy to understand text relating to how each study/pattern is set up and how it relates harmonically to chords and scales. This book will keep you busy for many years and is a compelling method with the overall goal of expanding your jazz vocabulary. It is a great book!”
Randy Brecker

“Barry Finnerty’s book is the best book of intervallic studies I’ve ever se… More >>

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