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Larsen Magnacore Soloist 4/4 Cello String Set – Medium Reviews

Larsen Magnacore Soloist 4/4 Cello String Set - Medium

  • A string
  • D string
  • G string
  • C string
With the new Magnacore® A and D strings we added a lovely edge to the sound - nice and bright so it carries but still with the famous Larsen roundness. These strings offer many sound colours, from bright to dark, combined with a new clarity and brilliance - a truly singing sound. Our Larsen Magnacore® G and C strings have an incredible warm and focused sound. They offer a wealth of overtones, tremendous volume and exceptional string response - even when played in pianissimo. The playing-in time has been reduced to an absolute minimum, delivering outstanding string performance instantly.

List Price: $ 300.50 Price: $ 288.00

MONO M80 Vertigo Bass Case – Black Reviews

MONO M80 Vertigo Bass Case - Black

  • Top-Loading Design ABS head and body impact panels Waterproof Sharkskin shell with industrial rubber piping (PVC-free) The Boot custom molded rubber outsole Large gear pocket with mesh inner pocket Steel rivet reinforced handle and straps Animal free
  • Inside Features Integral Headlock design suspends headstock and tuners EVA insole protects guitar body and strap pin against vertical drops 420-denier nylon string guards prevent snags and punctures Extra soft polishing liner maintains glossy finishes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
We've seen it and done it hundreds of times: grabbing the guitar out of the side of a partially unzipped case while standing up. We do this to save space, to save time, or to save our backs. This observation became the driving concept behind the Vertigo, the world's first top-loading guitar case. The top loading feature might have been enough, but we went ahead and redesigned the Headlock for automatic neck support. Then we created The Boot, a rubber sole designed for unsurpassed protection against vertical drops. The Vertigo features a fully redesigned Headlock neck suspension system. No strapping, buckling, or belting required. No extra steps. Just throw your guitar in and the neck finds a natural resting point in the base of the Headlock

List Price: $ 249.99 Price: $ 249.99

Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares – NOT MADE IN CHINA – Walnut Playing Surface, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (SUBCAJ5WN) Reviews

Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Walnut Playing Surface, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (SUBCAJ5WN)

  • MEINL'S BIGGEST AND BASSIEST CAJON: With a low end punch that you will feel the first time you sit down to play, the Mein Jumbo Subwoofer Cajon is mammoth in size and sound. The extra wide and extra deep body allow for superb low note development. The Jumbo Bass Cajon measures 13.5" wide x 19 3/4" tall x 13 3/4" deep.
  • FORWARD FACING SOUND PORTS WITH INTERNAL BASS REFLEX: An internal reflex channel directs the sound out through the forward facing ports to create a bass sound that feels like a kick drum. The forward sound ports replace the traditional rear facing style to envelop the player in a warm mix of bass tones.
  • CRISP SNARE DRUM SOUNDS: Internal fixed snares add the dimension of a crisp snare drum and are great for providing cutting tones when playing near the top corners of the playing surface. The top front plate corners are also adjustable with a screwdriver to alter the amount of distance between the playing surface and Cajon body. This results in enhanced slap tones that can deliver a deep back beat.
  • WALNUT FRONT PLATE AND MDF RESONATING BODY: Equipped with a walnut front plate, this Cajon is ultra-sensitive to soft finger rolls, giving you a wide range of dynamics to play with. The solid MDF body with thick rubber feet resonates fully while providing a strong structure for the instrument.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR MEINL WARRANTY: All Mein cajons carry a two year manufacturer's warranty when purchased from authorized retailers.
The MEINL Jumbo Subwoofer Cajon features a forward projecting sound port in place of the traditional rear facing style and an internal reflex channel. This results in an enhanced bass note projection, particularly desirable for live and unplugged situations. Fixed internal snare wires deliver a crisp and cutting sound that enhances corner slaps and adds a touch of contrast to bass notes. The Jumbo Bass Cajon is designed to project immensely deep bass tones that swell with harder playing and provide slight punches behind soft notes, responding much like a kick drum.

List Price: $ 199.99 Price: $ 198.99

ROBOCUP 12 Colors, Best Cup Holder for Drinks, Fishing Rod/Pole, Boat, Beach Chair/Golf Cart/Wheelchair/Walker/Drum Sticks/Microphone Stand Reviews

ROBOCUP 12 Colors, Best Cup Holder for Drinks, Fishing Rod/Pole, Boat, Beach Chair/Golf Cart/Wheelchair/Walker/Drum Sticks/Microphone Stand

  • RoboCup, BLACK, UPDATED VERSION, Patented Portable Caddy, Clamp on Clip On Holder for Two Drinks, Cups, Rods, Poles, Gear, Drum Sticks, Tools, Phone, Keys, Glasses and more.
  • UPDATED VERSION with rib reinforcements added to the dual clamping jaws doubling the durability.
  • The powerful two rubberized jaws are wide and leveraged apart for an impressive clamping function. The dual jaws operate using strong stainless steel springs and hardware for rust prevention.
  • The clamps can be locked by using a 4" plastic cable-tie in the small openings in the jaws. The spring-loaded jaws are very powerful requiring proper use and caution.
RoboCup is a patented portable holder that securely holds two drinks, fishing poles, tools, gear, drum sticks, phone, keys, glasses and more. Perfect for fishing, boating, golfing, UTV, beach umbrella, film/TV production, photography, musicians, drummers, mic stand, guitar stand, mobility aid, crutches, wheelchair, walker, knee scooter and more.

*NO TOOLS REQUIRED: RoboCup clamps instantly to vertical surfaces both round and flat up to 2" in size.
*HOW TO USE: To open (1) hold the RoboCup with the jaws facing away from you and (2) using both hands squeeze the cups inwards using your chest muscles and (3) clamp onto a surface using both jaws equally. For maximum security can be locked using a 4" plastic cable-tie. The bottom

List Price: $ 22.07 Price: $ 20.00

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