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Updated Version 30-inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar w/ Carrying Case & Guitar Accessories, Strap, Tuner and Pick, Ideal for Beginners and Ready to Use Out of the Box

Updated Version 30-inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar w/ Carrying Case & Guitar Accessories, Strap, Tuner and Pick, Ideal for Beginners and Ready to Use Out of the Box

  • GREAT FOR KIDS: The acoustic guitar beginner is the perfect size for kids to get their first experience playing music. The string height is easier on the fingers, making ideal for beginners building hand strength.
  • ACCESSORY KIT INCLUDED: Take your beginner guitar to lessons, gigs or on vacation with the included travel/storage bag. Also included is everything you need to start playing right out of the box like a shoulder strap, tuner, and picks.
  • HANDCRAFTED CONSTRUCTION: The Pyle Pro guitar was handcrafted from three different kinds of high-quality wood, including linden plywood for the top, back, and sides, nanmu for the neck, and Maplewood for the fingerboard and bridge.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: This acoustic guitar features chrome accented and pearloid tuner pegs. The pegs are easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune. Use the included tuner before playing the guitar for the first time.
  • RICH SOUND: Made from quality wood, the beginning guitar produces a full sound, good for a variety of genres including rock, country, folk, blues and more.
Nothing quite matches the sound of a rich acoustic guitar. Now you can play one too with the PGAKT30, a 30 Inch beginner acoustic guitar from Pyle Pro that's perfect for children. It's got that cutaway look you've come to love from your favorite acoustic guitar players. This guitar comes with a full set of accessories to match: a guitar strap, carrying case, tuner, and picks. Perfect as a gift.These guitars do not come pre-tuned the strings are set loose to prevent damage or excessive pressure during shipping. The units come with the Tuner and can easily be tuned prior to usage. Guitar Features: Standard Full Size Acoustic Guitar 6-String Classic, Traditional Style Hand-Crafted Wooden Construction Chrome Accented & Pearloid Tuner Pegs Perfe

List Price: $ 49.99 Price: $ 43.64

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Ready Ace 30″ Guitar Complete Starter Pack Music Set

Ready Ace 30" Guitar Complete Starter Pack Music Set

  • All wood construction, basswood top, side and back
  • Thin frets and lower strings for easy play.
  • Deluxe accessories including a gig bag with carrying handle,Adjustable strap, electric tuner, extra set of strings and picks.
  • An additional $30 value Rock House U on-line Learning Course.
Complete Beginners Guitar Instructional Course-An Additional $30 Value!
16 lesson Beginners Guitar Instructional course Printable sheet music Presented by Rock House Method creator John McCarthy - The world’s most recognized instructor Downloadable Metronome and Tuner Save your recorded performances

List Price: $ 41.95 Price: $ 41.89

How to get ready for my upcoming Jazz Camp?

I am in an upcoming jazz workshop camp. I am the drummer in the advanced group this session. I haven’t really played much drums since school got out a month ago, where I was in the Jazz Band. I have no idea what songs we will actually play. I can’t think of what to do to get ready for the camp. I obviously know I should practice in some way, but what are some things that I should do to get ready?