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Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad With Built in Speakers Foot Pedals and Drum Sticks Kit (PTED06) Reviews

Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad With Built in Speakers Foot Pedals and Drum Sticks Kit (PTED06)

  • All-in-One Electronic Drum Machine Kit - Compact & Portable Tabletop Design
  • Hundreds of Built-in Sounds, Songs & Drum Kits - Record, Save & Edit Your Recordings
  • Make Your Own Music: Connect to Computer & Unlock More - 1/4'' Headphone Jack
  • Drum Trainer: Learning Mode Perfect for Beginners - Includes Foot Pedals & Drum Sticks
  • Optionally Battery Powered: Requires (6) x 'C' Batteries, Not Included - Built-in Metronome - Best with Polaroid C Batteries
The Pyle Tabletop Digital Drum Kit is an all-in-one wonder. Enjoy customizable sound and compact portability with this versatile drumming machine. It’s loaded with hundreds of built-in sounds, songs and drum kits -- making each of the seven touch-sensitive drum pads capable of producing a wide range of realistic drum audio. You’ll also have the ability to make your own music! Connect the drum kit to your computer -- record, save & edit your drum recordings. Built-in speakers to plays your audio, or envelope yourself in percussive rhythms by plugging in your own headphones. System also includes two digital foot pedals so you can get the real feel of a kick drum and hi-hat pedal. Additional features include the integrated ‘Drum Trainer

List Price: $ 160.01 Price: $ 159.99

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Pyle Tunable Bongos – Hand-Crafted Wooden Bongo Drums, 6.5 & 7.5 Inch, (PBND10)

Pyle Hand Crafted Bongo Drums - Pair of Wooden Bongo Drums, 6.5 & 7.5 Inch - PBND10

  • Hand-crafted Drums: Jazz up the tone of your music with Pyle Wooden bongo drums. A pair of hand-crafted wooden shell bongo drums of diameters 6.5" and 7.5". This set of classic/traditional bongo drums is perfect for beginners and experienced players
  • Amazing Sounds: The drum head is a pure natural 'true skin' animal hide, head delivers a crystal clear acoustical percussion sound. Features tuneable heads with chrome-plated hardware and a tuning key wrench. Work together to produce amazing sounds
  • Safe for All Ages: This bongo drums set has no sharp edges, therefore it is particularly safe for children. It comes with rounded rims which allows you to hold your drums in any position you like
  • Extremely Sturdy and Durable: The wood, the metals and the skin are all made of top quality materials which translates to improved sound quality as well as sturdiness and durability. This set of drums is ready to stick with you for years
  • Perfect Gift Idea: This sleek pair of bongo drums is a perfect gift for yourself, friends and loved ones it it'll be really appreciated. It's perfect for kids and adults of all ages
Pyle Model : PBND10Wooden Shell Bongo DrumsHand-Crafted Wooden Bongos - Bongo Drums Features:Classic/Traditional Bongo StyleHand-Crafted Dual Wooden ShellsNatural ‘True Skin’ Animal Hide HeadsAcoustical Percussion Tone SoundTune-able Drum DesignMetal Chrome-Plated HardwareIncludes Tuning Key WrenchTwo-Toned Wood Panels with Glossy FinishLightweight & Compact Tabletop DesignMusical Fun for All Ages!
Technical Specs:Bongo Size/Diameters: 6.5’’, 7.5’’Drum Construction Material: Birch WoodTotal Size (L x W x H): 16.0’’ x 7.0’’ x 8.0’’
The Pyle Hand-Crafted Bongo Drums feature hand-crafted wooden shells. Classic and traditional bongo style makes them the perfect pair for beginner and experienced players of all age

List Price: $ 57.99 Price: $ 49.99

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Pyle Mini USB MIDI Controller Drum Pad – Portable Beat Maker Workstation Equipment w/ 12 Drum Pads, DJ Fader Slider & Transport Buttons – Control any DAW Software Kit for Laptop Recording – PMIDIPD20

USB MIDI Controller Drum Pad - Mini Portable Beat Maker Workstation Equipment w/ 12 Drum Pads, DJ Fader Slider & Transport Buttons - Control any DAW Software Kit for Laptop Recording - Pyle PMIDIPD20

  • SIMPLE MIDI MAPPING: MIDI beat maker board includes 12 drum pads, 2 Assignable Buttons, 6 DJ Transport Buttons, 1 X/Y fader slider and can be MIDI mapped to control CC or program change messages to any parameter or function to record in your favorite DAW
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: A single cable connects the mini controller kit to the USB port of any Mac or PC laptop computer or desktop PC. No extra power adapter necessary! Compatible with all professional digital audio workstation software like Logic, Ableton Live, Pro tools or GarageBand
  • 12 VELOCITY SENSITIVE DRUM PADS: Portable production hardware features 12 velocity sensitive pads are pressure sensitive to bring big or small volume dynamics to your music. Assign them to a single or multiple electronic instruments and control each different sound independently
  • 4 PRESET BANKS: Change the preset bank directly from the compact controller surface and switch to entirely different mapping scheme. This will allow you to quickly change instruments during live performance. Great desk equipment accessories for any recording studio musical station
  • INCLUDES MIDI EDITOR SOFTWARE: Download and install the programmable software to your Windows or Mac and make advanced edits to the global MIDI channel, switch between toggle and switch mode, or change CC value for both on and off
Pyle Model : PMIDIPD20MIDI Controller Drum PadMIDI Controller Drum Pad - USB Audio Interface Features:Compact Digital Drum Pad USB Audio MIDI Interface Controller SystemQuick Plug-and-Play SetupSimple & Hassle-Free Operation(12) Velocity-Sensitive Trigger Pads(2) Assignable Buttons (MIDI CC Switches)Programmable Memory BanksLED Backlight IlluminationFront Panel Button ControlsVolume Adjustment SliderWorks with Mac & PC Used for DJ Sound Mixing, Music Editing, Digital Audio Processing
What’s in the Box:MIDI Controller PadUSB Power CableAudio Editing Software
Technical Specs:USB Interface: 2.0 USB Mini BKey Behavior: Momentary/ToggleGlobal MIDI Channel Assign ConfigurablePowered via USB Bus, No Additional Power Source NecessaryDimen

List Price: $ 54.99 Price: $ 54.90

Pyle-Pro PDWM96 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System

Using manufacturing breakthroughs pioneered by Pyle, the PDWM96 system redefines the price point for quality microphones. Class A solid state electronics are engineered for low noise, distortion and coloration. You will be amazed at how much microphone PDWM96 gives you for the money. Pyle has been in business for over 35 years, and their manufacturing experience and expertise is easy to see – and hear.

Price: $39.99

Pyle Home PIDOCK1 Universal iPod/iPhone Docking Station for Audio Output, Charging, Sync with iTunes and Remote Control

  • Dock station with remote for all iPods
  • Includes audio and charging cables
  • Listen to your digital music on your home stereo system
  • Synchronize with iTunes on your personal computer
  • Stereo audio output
  • Dock Station With Remote – Remote Control System
  • For All iPods – Includes Audio and Charging Cables
  • Listen To Your Music On Your Home Stereo System
  • Stereo Audio Out

Product Description
The PIDOCK1 is a convenient dock for your iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone that allows you to easily play your favorite digital music through your home stereo system. Simply cradle your iDevice in the dock and cue up your favorite music – it even charges while it plays. This device outputs stereo audio over a 3.5 mm jack. A 3.5mm to dual male RCA jack wire is provided for easily connecting the PIDOCK1 to your home receiver. You can also control your iPod or iPhone using … More >>

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