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Would any popular Frank Sinatra recordings be considered jazz?

I’m working on a compialation of the greatest jazz recordings of all time. I know Sinatra was a popular singer in the big band era. Should I include any of his songs like I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Come Fly with Me, Fly Me to the Moon, Night and Day, etc. in a list like that, or are they all considered pop songs? If not any of these, then which ones?

Do you think jazz music like that from the 1940s and 50s will ever be popular again?

It seems that pop and rap and rock are the only popular music types anymore. I never hear a jazz artist receiving a Grammy for best album of the year that much anymore. I’m a fan of 1940s jazz like Sinatra and The Andrew Sisters and I never hear that kind of music anymore on the radio. Do you think it will ever become popular again? I sure hope so.

Are classical and jazz genres MORE popular in Europe than the US?

I’m moving to Germany in 20 days…I play the piano and the violin, and am really into Classical music, jazz, swing, volksmusik, (but I’m open to anything that doesn’t give me a headache). There is a reasonable opportunity to hear this music in America, but only in big cities, and MANY people don’t appreciate or understand them. Will the case be the same in Europe? (I’ll be in Germany.)