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Stand By Me (Japan) | Playing For Change

playingforchange.com – In the summer of 2011 the Playing For Change Band was invited to perform at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. While we were in town long-time friend of the project, Jimmy Buffett, invited us to a jam session on the roof of Margaritaville that rocked into the wee hours of the morning. The PFC Band kicked off the night with this tribute to the people of Japan who have been a affected by this past spring’s Tsunami.

How do you recognize where you are in a jazz song when playing chords?

When I am playing jazz and when it gets to the solo part sometimes I get lost but the problem is, because the melody isn’t being played, I can’t seem to recognize where we are in the song. So how would you be able to just recognize it? Sometimes in a song I am on one measure and the song is already on another measure but I don’t even realize it. Is there something I am suppose to be listening for?
Sometimes I see pianists just jump in the middle of the song, how do they recognize where we are in the song at a certain point?