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ADM® 4/4 Full Size Quality Brazilwood Octagonal Ebony Frog Cello Bow with Nature Horse Hair, Well Balanced and Better Flexibility, Perfect Wood Cello Bow for Beginner Cellist, New Players and Students

ADM 4/4 Full Size Brazilwood Octagonal Horse Hair Cello Bow, Well Balanced for Beginner and Students

  • Brazil wood octagonal stick cello bow
  • Half-lined ebony frog
  • Leather thumb grip and wire winding
  • Natural horse hair
  • For 4/4 full size cello with wire grip, warm brown finish on the shaft
ADM offers a fine selection of Brazilwood and Carbon Fiber bows. Nicely-crafted and finished, with fine balance and playability in a medium to strong range of stiffness. They are of the finest quality with premium aged material and superior workmanship. High Value, Low Cost. Feature
-4/4 Full Size Cello Bow
-Brazil Wood
-Ebony Frog
-Durable Leather Thumb Grip
-Natural Horse Hair
-Length: 28"

List Price: $ 22.99 Price: $ 22.99

Becker Music Stand (9758)

  • Cello endpin rest
  • Rubber with metal core
  • Helps prevent cello from slipping or damaging the floor
Becker 9758 Rockstop Cello Endpin Rest

List Price: $ 13.00 Price: $ 9.00

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Steely Dan – Two Against Nature – DTS 5.1

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