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ChromaCast CC-MGB-BAG-M Medium Size Musician’s Gear Bag & Bass Drum Pedal Carry Bag

ChromaCast CC-MGB-BAG-M Musician's Gear & Bass Drum Pedal Carry Bag, Medium

  • Bag Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 7"
  • 10MM Padded walls and reinforced top and bottom for added protection
  • Spacious front pocket for large accessories,5 interior pockets for organizing small accessories
  • Comfortably secures tripod or compact/foldable instrument stand with dual interior Velcro straps
  • Perfect for music teachers, students, musicians on the go, Large enough to hold a Bass drum pedal and accessories
Perfect for music teachers, students or the musician on the go, this portable and lightweight Musicians Gear Bag features a spacious front pocket that comfortably fits song books, chord books, sheet music or instrument cables, effects pedals, microphones and headphones. 5 convenient interior pockets are perfect for organizing cords, adapters, batteries, strings, straps, tuners, Pedals and picks. Main compartment is large enough for a double bass drum pedal or Cajon pedal. 2 Velcro straps secures tripod or compact instrument stand to bottom of bag. Adjustable, padded shoulder strap and reinforced top handle allows for easy transport between gigs or classes.

Price: $ 25.04

Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Stand Black

Musician's Gear Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Stand Black

  • Adjustable guitar stand fits electric, acoustic and bass guitars
  • Lightweight and durable steel tubing with soft rubber padding
  • Includes rubber security strap and non-slip rubber feet
  • Wide, secure tripod base folds down for easy storage
Strongest, sturdiest tubular folding stand weve seen anywhere! Made to exacting specs with soft black neoprene rubber tubing to protect your guitar. Folds up for easy transport. Not for nitrocellulose-finish guitars.

List Price: $ 16.80 Price: $ 16.69

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Professional Musicians Bansuri Bamboo Transverse Flute (E Tune) Woodwind Musical Instrument 15 Inches

Professional Musicians Bansuri Bamboo Transverse Flute (E Tune) Woodwind Musical Instrument 15 Inches

  • Handmade bamboo flute (bansuri) for beginners as well as professionals; (E Tune)
  • Handmade bamboo bansuri flute wind instrument fine tuned by flutist
  • Transverse flute wind instrument or side blown flute (Bansuri); 6 + 1 holes; Length - 15 inches
  • Comes with a velvet cover; Threads May Vary
  • Made from high quality seasoned bamboo
This flute is made from a single hollow shaft of bamboo with six finger holes. An ancient musical instrument associated with cowherds and the pastoral tradition, it is intimately linked to the love story of Indian God Krishna and Radha, and is depicted in Buddhist paintings from around 100 AD. There are two varieties of flute: transverse, and fipple. The fipple flute is usually played in folk music and is held at the lips like a whistle. Transverse flute enables superior control, variations and embellishments that's why the transverse variety is preferred in Indian classical music. The sound of a flute is generated from resonance of the air column inside it. The length of this column is varied by closing or leaving open, a varying number of

List Price: $ 5.00 Price: $ 5.00

Musician’s Gear A-Frame Acoustic Guitar Stand Black

Musician's Gear A-Frame Acoustic Guitar Stand Black

  • Rugged square-tube construction Can also serve as a desktop mixer stand Not for use with nitrocellulose-finished guitars
This A-Frame Acoustic Guitar Stand is ideal for home studio work when you have to put your guitar down often. The guitar stand boasts rugged square-tube construction and holds your instrument securely.

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 23.00

Musician’s Gear Hickory Drumsticks 20-Pack

Musician 's Gear Hickory 20-Pack, Assorted Colors and Styles

  • Brand new & high quality.
  • Oval shaped wooden tip
  • Easy to hold.
  • Provide a smooth and anti-slip grip.
  • Also works for Guitar Hero & Rockband
Well-balanced Musician's Gear hickory drumsticks handle well and can hold up for a long time even with hard-hitting drummers. Buy 10 at a pop and save beaucoup smackers.NOTE: Sizes/styles will vary. Let us choose from 5A, 5B, or Rock with either wood or nylon tips and save a bundle!.

List Price: $ 25.75 Price: $ 26.95

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