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Hip Bongo Drums? ? Most Preferred Bongo Drums ? All Natural Hides and Shells Perfect Percussion Sound ? Extra Durable and Weatherproof ? Built for Rough Handling By Beginners and Enthusiasts ? No Sharp Edges to Hurt Kids Beautiful Design ? Tunable Bongos 6 & 7 Inch – 266

6.5” and 7.5” Tunable Bongo Drums Set Percussion Rhythm Instrument Natural Animal Hides Hickory Shells Nickel Wood Metal for Kids Adults Beginners Professionals Music Lovers Tuning Wrench Included

  • WELL-DESIGNED BONGOS WITH AUTHENTIC NATURAL ANIMAL HIDES - Hip Bongo Drums (TM) is a set of 6.5" and 7.5" bongo drums made of high quality, weatherproof and durable wood & metal with authentic, ethically sourced animal hides hugging the top of Hickory shells, guaranteeing a resonant, non-boxy sound and an efficient design leaves no room for dirt deposits. Top choice for sure!
  • EASILY TUNEABLE WITHOUT BREAKING - Our set has Hickory shells and 4 extremely easy tuneable lugs each. Suitable for any drum set, this makes tuning absolutely hassle-free for you! Unlike existing cheap imitators, our tops will not tear out or come apart easily during tuning - get your money back within 30 days if they do!
  • STYLISH FOR GIFTS, DECORATIONS AND OCCASIONS - Our set has an exotic, natural gloss finish guaranteed to add a Hawaiian vibe to your homes or music rooms. It is a wonderful musical souvenir for your loved ones. Bring them to beach parties and gatherings and enhance the occasion! If it does not work out for you, FREE head replacement can be claimed within 3 days after its arrival!
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TO PLAY - This percussion set has a rather minimalistic design and possesses no sharp edges with rims rounded off by protective rubber feet. This makes it safe and comfortable to carry around and play for children, beginners, professional musicians, teachers, students, and all people who love playing the instrument. Your convenience is our priority!
  • GET IT NOW WITH PROMO DEAL - With a free bonus tuning wrench, what are you waiting for? This high-quality bongo drums set can be one step closer to your door. Buy 2 get 5% off, buy 3 or more for 10% off. Click the ADD TO CART button and order now before stocks run out!


If you want good quality, authentic Hip Bongo Drums (TM) product just like satisfied customers, make sure you buy those ONLY From TODAY'S DEALS and Fulfilled By Amazon. Others are only selling our Copied Products!

Hip Bongo Drums (TM)

Bongos are fun to play and can brighten your day. Do not succumb to cheaper ones!

Why choose us?
- Durable, weatherproof materials with resonant sound
- Beautifully stretched, authentic skins
- Convenient for any age or experience
- A perfect gift and decoration idea

Our set consists of 2 Bongo drums, high quality wood, sturdy metal, and ethically sourced skins. Their size is 6 and 7", featuring Hi

List Price: $ 54.99 Price: $ 35.99

Which jazz musician from before 1980 has had the most interesting life?

Just got assigned a term paper and our subject of the paper is due Thursday (10/14/10) for Jazz Studies. I want the research to be interesting. Any jazz musicians who have had really crazy lives that have effected their music?
I was thinking either Ella Fitzgerald for being so awesomely good, or Billie Holiday for having a crazy life.. something like that. doesn’t have to be female singers. just a coincidence.

Florence Harding: The First Lady, The Jazz Age, And The Death Of America’s Most Scandalous President

Product Description
This book tells the story of Florence Hardin g”s rise to power. The daughter of an abusive father, mother at a young age to an illegitimate child, she saw her escape in Warren Harding and became the driving force behind his a scent to power. ‘Amazon.com Review
A convincing reassessment of President Warren Harding’s sudden death in 1923 is only one of the high points in this exhaustive biography of the president’s wife, Florence (1860-1924). The author … More >>

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