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ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System for Right Handed Guitars. Includes ChordBuddy, 2 Month Lesson Plan DVD and Song Book

ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System for Right Handed Guitars. Includes ChordBuddy, 2 Month Lesson Plan DVD and Song Book

  • You just found the easiest way to learn guitar - ChordBuddy. This innovative guitar learning system was featured on the Hit TV show "Shark Tank"
  • Adults or children, young or old, anyone can quickly and easily learn to play guitar. ChordBuddy makes it possible to pick up a guitar and start playing songs in no time. ChordBuddy is also available for kids 5-9 if you purchase the ChordBuddy Junior Guitar Package
  • Includes lesson plan book, and companion DVD. Learning guitar chords is a difficult-and essential-part of learning to play guitar. Take the struggle out of it with ChordBuddy.
  • Play 4-chord songs in G major with no problem at all (ChordBuddy uses: G, D, C, and E minor Chords).
  • Remove the color-coded tabs when you are ready to start playing chords on the strings to help you start playing the guitar all on your own
ChordBuddy is the easiest and most effective guitar learning system available! As soon as the ChordBuddy is properly attached to your acoustic or electric guitar, you will be making music! Within a few weeks, you'll begin removing some of the tabs and making the chords on your own. In two months, you'll be able to play the guitar with no ChordBuddy at all. Our system works on acoustic and electric guitars and helps you make the C, D, G & E minor chords. Package includes: ChordBuddy Instruction Book Companion DVD ChordBuddy songbook with over 100 songs Each package includes the ChordBuddy as well as instructions on how to properly attach the device to your guitar. The lesson plan and companion DVD will have you playing popular song

List Price: $ 44.95 Price: $ 38.95

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Press Release: TomorrowJazz.com Celebrates Ascension into Top 10% of Internet Jazz Stations

TomorrowJazz Radio, an 24/7 Internet radio station dedicated to future jazz, recently hit the #39 (out of almost 400 primary jazz stations) spot in rankings of Live365.com.

TomorrowJazz Radio, an 24/7 Internet radio station dedicated to future jazz, recently hit the #39 spot in rankings of Live365.com. Live365 is the world’s largest Internet radio network, with thousands of stations and more than 2.6 million listeners a month. The ranking is out of 395 Live365 stations that consider jazz to be their primary genre. While most of those top stations play swing, bop, smooth, and other types of jazz, there are few stations that focus on future jazz such as nu jazz, acid jazz, jazztronica, fusion, and remixed jazz. TomorrowJazz Radio is proud to be a leading online station in exposing these styles.

About TomorrowJazz

TomorrowJazz is one-man effort dedicated to exposing artists who are taking jazz into this new century. The goal of the TomorrowJazz web site and radio station is to provide information about exciting new directions jazz is heading toward. The site uses a blog to present news and opinions about recent releases and noteworthy items. The site and station are both updated at least weekly. Visit the site at http://www.tomorrowjazz.com.

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Press Release: San Diego-based Label, Pacific Coast Jazz to Participate in 33rd Annual International Association of Jazz Education Conference in New York

Pacific Coast Jazz is pursuing the acquisition of new artists; will participate in the IAJE conference in NYC, January 11 – 14.

San Diego-based record label, Pacific Coast Jazz (PCJ), will participate in the 33rd annual International Association for Jazz Education conference (IAJE) in New York City this month. The label’s president, Donna Nichols, as well as two of the label’s artists, Bradley Leighton and Sherri Roberts, will be on hand at the Pacific Coast Jazz exhibitor’s booth. The conference, which will be held January 11 through January 14 in the heart Manhattan, is recognized as the largest gathering of the global jazz community and will attract over 7,000 educators, musicians, record executives, exhibitors and enthusiasts during the event. The Hilton New York and the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers will be the headquarters hotels for the conference.

At the Pacific Coast Jazz booth, number 283, flutist and jazz recording artist Bradley Leighton will be offering an education exhibition, demonstrating and showcasing his sub-contra bass flute to children and educators. “The flute is over 80 inches long and is actually made of PVC pipe,” says Leighton. Leighton also will be signing autographs and promoting the release of his newest record for the PCJ label, Back to the Funk (January 17, 2006), which was produced by Allan Phillips. Leighton’s label mate, jazz vocalist Sherri Roberts, also will be at the booth to sign autographs and promote her new recording, The Sky Could Send You (February, 2006), produced by bassist Harvie S.

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