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MONO M80 Vertigo Bass Case – Black Reviews

MONO M80 Vertigo Bass Case - Black

  • Top-Loading Design ABS head and body impact panels Waterproof Sharkskin shell with industrial rubber piping (PVC-free) The Boot custom molded rubber outsole Large gear pocket with mesh inner pocket Steel rivet reinforced handle and straps Animal free
  • Inside Features Integral Headlock design suspends headstock and tuners EVA insole protects guitar body and strap pin against vertical drops 420-denier nylon string guards prevent snags and punctures Extra soft polishing liner maintains glossy finishes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
We've seen it and done it hundreds of times: grabbing the guitar out of the side of a partially unzipped case while standing up. We do this to save space, to save time, or to save our backs. This observation became the driving concept behind the Vertigo, the world's first top-loading guitar case. The top loading feature might have been enough, but we went ahead and redesigned the Headlock for automatic neck support. Then we created The Boot, a rubber sole designed for unsurpassed protection against vertical drops. The Vertigo features a fully redesigned Headlock neck suspension system. No strapping, buckling, or belting required. No extra steps. Just throw your guitar in and the neck finds a natural resting point in the base of the Headlock

List Price: $ 249.99 Price: $ 249.99