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D’Addario NS Micro Violin Tuner

D'Addario NS Micro Violin Tuner

  • Features a non-marring, lever-lock clamp that holds the tuner securely to the instrument while allowing easy application and removal.
  • Built-in piezo transducer picks up instrument's vibration rather than sound
  • Tri-color reversible backlit LCD screen makes it easy to tune in dark environments
  • Wide calibration range (410Hz to 480Hz) and visual metronome
  • Tunes both violins and violas
NS Micro Violin Tuner. Thee NS Micro Violin Tuner features an easy-to-read, multi-color display and visual metronome in an attractive compact design. A non-marring, lever-lock clamp holds the tuner securely to the instrument while allowing easy application and removal. The precision violin tuner is not only perfect for tuning, the unique mounting system and fast pitch response allow it to be used as an effective practice tool for referencing and improving intonation while playing. D'Addario electronic tuners are designed by musicians for musicians featuring intuitive features, easy-to-read displays and exceptional tuning accuracy.

List Price: $ 14.99 Price: $ 12.95

Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Battery-Powered Bass Combo Amp

Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Battery-Powered Bass Combo Amp

  • Battery driven (6 x AA, up to 13-hour continuous use) (Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)
  • Stereo power amplifiers and four newly developed 4" (10cm) speakers
  • Eight COSM amps, six digital effects
  • Rhythm Guide function for practical rhythm training
  • Stereo AUX input for CD/MP3 player Phones/Recording out
Yeah, this battery-powered bass combo is pretty tiny. But there's nothing micro about the MICRO CUBE BASS RX's sound... or its features! You won't believe all the cool stuff Roland packed into this 4-speaker combo. Start with eight different amp models. That's right - eight different amps inside this little guy. Plus, you get six awesome effects, a built-in tuner, and even a Rhythm Guide, which helps you learn to keep time like a pro. You can even plug in your favorite music player and jam along. This portable bass amp is a huge bargain!

List Price: $ 279.99 Price: $ 279.99

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Suzuki Micro Grand Digital Piano Black

Suzuki MDG-200 Micro Grand Digital Piano Black

  • Digital grand piano with 88 keys and 64-note polyphony
  • 3 Track music recorder allows you to monitor your performance
  • Suzuki's acclaimed sound imaging technology produces realistic piano tones
  • Powerful speaker system designed to maximize the expressive sound
  • SD Memory Card Slot to record or playback music files
MDG-200 Micro Grand Digital Piano Black. The Suzuki MDG-200 Micro Grand Piano is designed to fit just about any room because it's only 2'-5' deep and its stylish design will blend in with any decor. Black high gloss hand-rubbed finish adds both warmth and charm to your interior decorating plans. The MDG-200 is perfectly portioned. It combines technically advanced performance features with the timeless elegance of a grand piano. It's an amazing combination of performance features and good looks. Endless musical possibilities are at your fingertips including built-in self teacher and Bluetooth compatibility that will turn your piano into a home entertainment center. Compose, play back and store your own music. Variety of Versatile Performance


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