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Key Leaves – saxophone key props for Alto, Tenor, Bari, Bass or C Melody sax

Key Leaves - saxophone key props for Alto, Tenor, Bari, Bass or C Melody sax

  • Stop sticky saxophone key pads G#, Eb & C# with this natural pad dryer
  • Leaf-shape props slide under key arms to air dry sax and stop sticky keys
  • 98% Fewer sticky saxophone key pads - www.KeyLeaves.com/Proof
  • Reduce sax repair and save pad life without touching delicate pad leather
  • Alto + Tenor + Bari + Bass + C Melody Saxophones. Adapts to Fit All!
Key Leaves help you leave sax keys open to dry, stopping sticky saxophone key pads including the notorious sticky G#, C# and Eb. After play, slide the leaf-shape props under the key arms of Eb and Low C#. This opens those key pads plus G# to dry, preventing sticky bacteria and yeast growth that causes key malfunction. Rotate, flex or remove the strap to use Key Leaves on your bari sax or even early vintage saxophones with odd key designs (Buescher, Conn, etc.) Keep your saxophone cleaner and extend pad life naturally. No more messy pad powder, cleaning paper, pad oil, pad dryers or gimmicks. Add Key Leaves to your sax care kit. The only sax care product scientifically proven to prevent sticking key pads, even without swab cleaning for a yea

List Price: $ 24.99 Price: $ 24.99

Building a Jazz Chord Solo: A Guitarist’s Guide to the Art of Chord Melody Playing

  • 55 pagesSize: 9″ x 12″Editor: Fred SokolowISBN: 0634088211

Product Description
Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate guitarist, this book/CD pack will help you to understand and learn the art of jazz chord soloing in four stages. Four jazz standards are presented, each with four arrangements at varying levels of difficulty: a beginner’s arrangement, using mostly first-position chords * an intermediate arrangement, using moveable chords and featuring a more developed chord vocabulary * an advanced arrangement, including ample chord subst… More >>

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