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Lazarro 360-NK E-Flat Eb Alto Saxophone Silver Nickel with Case, 11 Reeds, Care Kit & Many Extras

Lazarro 360-NK E-Flat Eb Alto Saxophone Silver Nickel with Case, 11 Reeds, Care Kit & Many Extras

  • Saxophone Includes:Mouthpiece,Cap,Ligature,Neck Strap
  • Free Gifts Include:11 Reeds and Music Pocketbook By William Bay
  • Care Kit Includes:Gloves,Cleaning Swab,Polish Cloth,Grease,Screwdriver
  • Lightweight Hard Plush Lined FABRIC Pro Case. Sax CASE Has Backpack/Side Straps and Pocket
Lazarro Eb E flat Alto saxophone made from Real Brass with Keys of Eb and High F# Key. Hand engraved bell decoration with Faux mother of pearl inlays. Italian leather pads with metal resonators, Adjustable Key Height Screws and Metal Thumb Rest.

List Price: $ 229.99 Price: $ 229.99

Why were so many brass instruments used during the Jazz Age?

“Why were so many brass instruments used during the Jazz Age?” One of the kids in my U.S. History class asked this after watching a movie and no one knew why. And since then, I have been curious.

So, do any of you know why this was? Why didn’t they use as much piano, or drums, for example? Why so much brass like, trumpets, trombones or saxophones used?

Ok thanks a lot and please no rude or pointless comments/answers. Thanks again(:

Why do many jazz pianists like to talk while they’re playing, especially live with a backing group?

On many jazz recordings I hear by the great classic jazz pianists, they’re talking while they’re playing, not really trying to be heard by the audience. It’s more like they’re talking to themselves, like it helps them get “into the music.” What’s this all about? Are they just “being cool”? Or is it a trendy thing that they started doing, because one artist did it and they ALL wanted to imitate him?

Blackout Window Curtains is That They Are Available in Many Different Colors

Beacon Looms has been designing and producing many beautiful products to enhance the look of your room for over 90 years. These products include a variety of window treatments as well as all of your bedding needs. The quality of the items available is outstanding and the products are very durable while still maintaining elegance. Beacon Looms creates curtains from a variety of materials including silk. One popular product that Beacon Looms produces is blackout window curtains.

As well as being elegant, Beacon Looms offers a style for people of all ages. Whether you are older and looking for a more sophisticated look, or younger and looking for a more contemporary and hip look, Beacon Looms will have a curtain for you. Also, this company designs hardware that will help to bring your overall look together. Using the right curtain rod for your curtain can help to enhance your look further and Beacon Looms provides you with the perfect style for your curtain. One of the greatest things about this company is there online catalog. You can visit their site, beaconlooms.com, and do all of your shopping from home. If you plan to order your curtains online, there are a few things that you will know before you place your order. The most important thing you must know before ordering online is the size of your window. Once you know the size, then all you are left to do is to figure out which of the beautiful styles will be best for your home. Once you know these two things, then you are ready to complete your online order.

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