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Lester Horton Technique: The Warm-Up

Lester Horton Technique: The Warm-Up is a unique program designed to prepare dancers for rehearsal and performance. The technique’s creator, Lester Horton, was determined to develop a warm-up that did not limit how the body could move, and that was anatomically corrective. As a result, his method has enormous variety, range and complexity. Such noted dancers and choreographers as Alvin Ailey, Bella Lewitzky and Joyce Trisler began their dance training with Horton and u… More >>

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Ken Burns JAZZ Collection: Lester Young

First coming to prominence with Count Basie’s band in 1936, Lester Young defined a new way to play tenor saxophone, with a soft, airy sound and an understated beat. In the process, he was also creating a new way to play jazz, with a flowing, melodic inventiveness and a detachment that would influence the bop and cool schools to come. Young did much of his best work as a sideman in the first few years of his public career, and the first 13 tracks of this collection focus on h… More >>

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