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Dampit Instrument Humidifier for Bass

Dampit Instrument Humidifier for Bass

  • Comes with own humidity guage
  • Easy to use
  • Can use while playing
The original Dampit Humidifier and the only one to come with it's own humididty guage. Superior sofet rubber sleeve encloses a special open cell sponge. Simply soak in water, wipe off and insert into the F hole of your bass.

List Price: $ 15.50 Price: $ 11.50

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Only Adjustable Humidifier for Musical Instruments (Lilac) By HUMISTAT USA

Only Adjustable Humidifier for Musical Instruments (Lilac) By HUMISTAT USA

  • Prevents cracking, warping, shrinking, sticking keys and pads
  • Enhances tone and slows aging
  • Only adjustable humidifier - refillable, reusable, low maintenance
  • For Violins, Violas, Mandolins, Ukuleles, Piccolos, Fifes, Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes, English Horns, Recorders, Pennywhistle and more comparable instruments
  • Also available in other colors
Changing weather conditions can damage your valuable instrument. HUMISTAT's adjustable humidifier gives musicians a peace of mind and helps to protect the source of your sound. Simply attach HUMISTAT humidifier and hygrometer to your instrument case. It is easy to do in less than 5 minutes. The humidifier is adjustable for best results in changing weather conditions. With 30+ years' experience in humidifiers HUMISTAT offers a reliable reputation for superior performance.


Antner 8-Hole Soprano Descant Recorder Flute with Cleaning Rod, Music Instrument for Adult or Kids, Blue

  • Soprano size:12.6 x 2 x 1.2 inches/31 x 5 x 3cm
  • Cleaning rod: 11 Inches
  • The package includes: 1x Descant recorder,1xcleaning rod, 1x manual
  • Fully adjustable syllable
  • In order to fit any size of the fingers with excellent sound quality
Antner delicate 8-hole recorder with cleaning rod,blue

Product Size:12.6*2*1.2Inches
Package Includes:1xcleaning rod, 1x manual, 1 x Descant recorder

Precautions:Holding breath smooth, do not let the debris blocking the airway,
air intake,washed with water after use, with a wipe utensils to wipe the
inside of the flute body. Do not use metal objects to poke the head window hole,
so as not to damage the pronunciation

List Price: $ 15.99 Price: $ 6.89

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The Original Dampit Cello Humidifier

Dampit 1091D Cello Humidifier

  • The Original Dampit Cello Humidifier
The Dampit is placed in the instrument to maintain humidity, even while you_re playing. Includes a rubber collar to keep the Dampit from slipping through large f-hole openings. This is the original Dampit, not an imitation!

List Price: $ 14.97 Price: $ 12.55

Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier

  • The Oasis Case Humidifiers lets you see when it’s ready for refill
  • Secure but detachable magnets and clip
  • Refilling Syringe for greater control when adding distilled water
  • It works with any string instrument case
  • Unless the refill cap is opened, outside air cannot get in to replace the evaporated water

Product Description
The humidifier that let’s you see when it’s ready to refill. Oasis works by allowing water to evaporate through the fabric. This is an advantage since, unlike other guitar or violin humidifiers, you can easily see Oasis is ready for refill. Unless the cap is opened, outside air cannot get in to replace the evaporated water. The vacuum created by this process causes the fabric to shrink inward indicating that it’s time for a refill with the included refilling syringe… More >>

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