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Meinl Percussion HSH Cajon Player’s Heel Shaker with Shoehorn Design (VIDEO)

Meinl Percussion Heel Shaker with Shoehorn Design-NOT Made in China-for Cajon, Guitarists, and Singer/Songwriters, 2-Year Warranty, (HSH)

  • For percussionists and singers/songwriters alike: The Meinl heel shaker is motion activated by way of shakers mounted on an angle to respond with clarity along with the tapping movement of your heel. A great percussion piece for all musicians
  • Easy-to-fit shoehorn design: position the plastic end into your shoe so that it rests against the back of your heel. The ergonomic design gives you comfort while keeping the instrument snug inside your shoe
  • Perfect for Cajon players: most Cajon players will naturally tap their foot or heel along with the beat. Placing the shaker in your shoe gives you a new rhythmic Element with no extra effort! The plastic shakers deliver a naturally cutting sound
  • Toss in your Gig Bag: The Meinl heel shaker adds a new dimension of rhythm without taking up too much space in your bag or case. A "must have" accessory for any acoustic musician!
  • Official two year Meinl Warranty: Meinl instruments carry a two year manufacturer warranty when purchased from authorized retailers
Great accessory for singer/songwriters and percussionists alike! The Meinl heel shaker is motion activated by way of dual shakers mounted on a precise angle to respond with clarity along with the tapping movement of your heel. Position the plastic end in the back of your shoe like a shoe horn for fast and easy placement.

List Price: $ 12.99 Price: $ 12.99

High Heel Boots For The Sexy Women

A woman can really get crazy when it comes to high heel boots. Not only are there so many different styles to choose from, but there are so many different occasions you find yourself needing to wear a certain kind of pair! High heel boots are incredibly fabulous and are favored by millions of women around. Not only do they boost a lady’s confidence, but they also boost her height and fashion sense as well!

The Alberto Gozzi Red Flower Suede Rounded High Heel Boots are in one word: stunning. These boots are intense with color, but sweet with the flowers on the side. The stacked heel really gives your legs a lot of leverage and the side zipper makes these boots easy to put on and take off. When you want to really make a statement with your shoes, you need a pair that will stand out from anything else that you have ever worn before, why not make it a pair of red boots this season?

The Women’s Capelta Sahara Breeze Boots are insanely beautiful and unique with envy. These tall-heeled boots have fun fur and leather fringe draping down the boot to really give it quite the fundamental design. Not only will you look like on the edge with these boots, but you will really be able to jazz up just about any outfit you have hanging in your closet. These boots are ultra sexy and perfect for a woman really looking to add a little fun into her look.

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