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MI&VI Mongolian Horse Hair for Violin, Viola Bows – Unbleached, White 29.5″ (1 Hank, Prepared, Includes Plug and Wedge) (1 Hank)

MI&VI Mongolian Horse Hair for Violin, Viola Bows - Unbleached, White 29.5" (1 Hank, Prepared, Includes Plug and Wedge) (1 Hank)

  • Prepared for mounting, ready to use
  • Unbleached, white
  • Measures 29.5", ideal for any violin or viola bow
  • Includes 1 wooden wedge and 1 plug
The MI&VI Mongolian horsehair is made of the highest quality, prepared and ready to re-hair any violin or viola bow. One end is prepared for mounting, which allows any novice player to replace their own bow hair simple and easy. An excellent price for its quality.

List Price: $ 5.99 Price: $ 5.99

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ADM® 4/4 Full Size Quality Brazilwood Octagonal Ebony Frog Cello Bow with Nature Horse Hair, Well Balanced and Better Flexibility, Perfect Wood Cello Bow for Beginner Cellist, New Players and Students

ADM 4/4 Full Size Brazilwood Octagonal Horse Hair Cello Bow, Well Balanced for Beginner and Students

  • Brazil wood octagonal stick cello bow
  • Half-lined ebony frog
  • Leather thumb grip and wire winding
  • Natural horse hair
  • For 4/4 full size cello with wire grip, warm brown finish on the shaft
ADM offers a fine selection of Brazilwood and Carbon Fiber bows. Nicely-crafted and finished, with fine balance and playability in a medium to strong range of stiffness. They are of the finest quality with premium aged material and superior workmanship. High Value, Low Cost. Feature
-4/4 Full Size Cello Bow
-Brazil Wood
-Ebony Frog
-Durable Leather Thumb Grip
-Natural Horse Hair
-Length: 28"

List Price: $ 22.99 Price: $ 22.99

Becker Music Stand (9758)

  • Cello endpin rest
  • Rubber with metal core
  • Helps prevent cello from slipping or damaging the floor
Becker 9758 Rockstop Cello Endpin Rest

List Price: $ 13.00 Price: $ 9.00

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Hair Sticks – Instantly Jazz up Your Plain Hairstyles

Very small hair accessories ‘hair sticks’ that might not be of much importance to you was once sold for $2,500. Going in details Mizuki hair stick that is not available now, was sold for $2,500 as per the report published in 2000 – 2001 in Harper’s Bazarre Magazine says and this is surely effective enough to change your view towards hair accessories. Most historians believe that hair sticks first appeared many centuries ago in the Orient and both women and men in their hair often used them but it is unclear whether the hair sticks were used as functional hair tools to hold the hair in place or as elaborate decorative jewels. Any way, hair sticks have gone from a relatively inconceivable type of hair accessory that was worn mainly by the long tresses in the past few years but today the scene says a different story. Hair sticks options have blasted and they are available in every various length.

Looking at the record of popularity, hair sticks cycle in and out as hot fashion hair accessories several times and it is worn for purely adornment reasons and not for functional reasons. It is available in every various length from as short as 2 inches to as long as 12 inches and are found in every conceivable type of material from the traditional wood and metal to inexpensive chopsticks, plastic sticks, knitting needles, bone, glass, faux tortoise shell and a myriad of ceramic, cellulose and other unusual compositions. Moreover, the most important thing about these hair accessories is that they are easy to wear. You just need to slide them into thick braids to accent the beautiful plaits or twist them into a French Twist to show off the seam or you can even pop them into two fat hair twists to show off the twists. But it has found that one of the most basic hair styles that can take either functional or decorative advantage of hair sticks is the basic hair knot.

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