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Donner Drum Stick Holder Nylon Drumstick Bag

Donner Drum Stick Holder Nylon Drumstick Bag

  • 1.Holds up to 10 pairs of standard drum sticks.
  • 2.Cup holder can be removed from the hardware for cleaning purposes.
  • 3.Extension arm is angled downward for easy removal and placement of your drum sticks
  • 4.Mounting clamp with water resistant nylon tipped screw adjusts to securely fit most standard drum stands
  • 5.Note: Drum sticksand drum stand in the picture Not Included!
Easily position it wherever you need to have quick access to a change of sticks or brushes while playing. Keep up to 10 pairs of drum sticks conveniently within reach.These handy accessories are extremely helpful to have for any percussionist, drum kit or ochestral player. The heavy duty clamp ensures that your bag stays in place, and the reinforced aluminum alloy framework of the holder is durable for even the toughest of road warriors. Cup holder can be removed from hardware for cleaning purposes.

Drum Stick Bag Size: 9.5" (L) x 4" (W)x 4" (H)
Material:Aluminum alloy + Nylon
NET Weight: 220g
Package included:
1 x Drum stick bag
1 x Framework of metal

List Price: $ 12.00 Price: $ 8.99

Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick (2 Pair Maple)

ARLX Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick, Maple, 2 Pair

  • Standard : 5a 14mm \ 0.56inch 406mm\16.2inch
  • Natural finish- comfortable and slip resistant
  • Perfect for youth rock bands and drummer playing
  • Light and fast for jazz orchestral pit work
  • High quality north American maple
Material high quality north American maple. Suitable range: Drummer playing, beginner practicing and more wood tip provides a rich, full, balanced sound oval tip for rich cymbal sounds drumstick coating is gloss-free to reduce slippage Sound harbor is committed to give customer an excellent shopping experience.

List Price: $ 9.90 Price: $ 8.60

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Maxonix Stickark Drumstick Holder – Kick/bass Drum Mount 4x Sticks (Stealthgray)

Maxonix Stickark Drumstick Holder - Kick/bass Drum Mount 4x Sticks (Stealthgray)

Sticks At Your Fingertips: StickARKTM Kick Mount 4x DrumstickHolder - is a Patent-Pending new concept in drumstick holders. This kick drum mounted drumstick holder has an innovative design that's easy, affordable & very effective! Perfectly positions 4 sticks right in front of a drummer (on kick/bass drum) with easy-grab spacing between sticks for quick & convenient retrieval & insertion. So, when you need a fresh stick due to a break, style change, drop, or to replace sticks you throw to fans, StickARKTM makes it fast & easy ... so you can stay smooth & keep the groove. The top of a kick drum (bass drum) is the first place drummers naturally want to put their sticks. Now, thanks to StickARK, drummers can keep 4 sticks lined up in perfect o


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StickTwirl Drumstick Accessory

StickTwirl Drumstick Accessory

  • StickTwirl is an universal attachment for all drumsticks.
  • It is designed to enhance drummers showmanship, control and playability.
  • It increases playing speed, adds more agility and it's ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.
  • It's virtually invisible on your drumstick!
StickTwirl Drumstick Attachment Benefits:
It gives you more speed, agility and power.It relieves common hand fatigue for drummers.It creates a consistent fulcrum point to play with more accuracy.It's really hard to drop your drum sticks using StickTwirl.It feels natural to play with - you can grip your drumstick as you normally would.It's virtually invisible on the drumstick - wood grain color.It's flexible - you can play with any drumstick.StickTwirl gives all drummers an advantage. It expands the possibilities.Playing in the pocket is tighter with StickTwirl.Your rudiments will improve (even the Moeller technique).

List Price: $ 24.95 Price: