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Jazz a Film By Ken Burns Episode Seven Dedicated to Chaos

Product Description
This series explores the history of the major American musical form. We track its development in African American culture, its rise to prominence with its golden age of popularity spanning from the 1920’s to the mid 1940’s both in its original form and in Swing through its popular decline and the rise of vital new sub-genres into the present day. Along the way, we learn of the lives and work of major contributors to the form such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, … More >>

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Press Release: TomorrowJazz.com Celebrates Ascension into Top 10% of Internet Jazz Stations

TomorrowJazz Radio, an 24/7 Internet radio station dedicated to future jazz, recently hit the #39 (out of almost 400 primary jazz stations) spot in rankings of Live365.com.

TomorrowJazz Radio, an 24/7 Internet radio station dedicated to future jazz, recently hit the #39 spot in rankings of Live365.com. Live365 is the world’s largest Internet radio network, with thousands of stations and more than 2.6 million listeners a month. The ranking is out of 395 Live365 stations that consider jazz to be their primary genre. While most of those top stations play swing, bop, smooth, and other types of jazz, there are few stations that focus on future jazz such as nu jazz, acid jazz, jazztronica, fusion, and remixed jazz. TomorrowJazz Radio is proud to be a leading online station in exposing these styles.

About TomorrowJazz

TomorrowJazz is one-man effort dedicated to exposing artists who are taking jazz into this new century. The goal of the TomorrowJazz web site and radio station is to provide information about exciting new directions jazz is heading toward. The site uses a blog to present news and opinions about recent releases and noteworthy items. The site and station are both updated at least weekly. Visit the site at http://www.tomorrowjazz.com.

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Dedicated to Connie

Amazon.com essential recording
This two-disc set was released in 1995 following the death of drummer Connie Kay, and it’s a superb commemoration of the Modern Jazz Quartet at their creative peak, a 1960 concert in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the same tour that produced the equally memorable European Concert. By 1960, the group had gelled superbly, and much of their essential, original repertoire was in place, including John Lewis’s composition “Odds Against Tomorrow,” the moody and profo… More >>

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