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Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit | Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set with 8″ Snare, 8″ Toms, & 12″ Cymbals [Current Model]

Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit | Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, & 12" Cymbals

  • Full-size electronic drum kit
  • Upgraded "brain" and drum pads for higher sound quality over standard DM6, with built-in tools for practicing skills
  • USB MIDI connection for sound recording and virtual-instrument control on computers and mobile devices
  • Headphone jack for private practice, and stereo outs to connect to a PA system, amplifier, or recording console
  • 8" rubber drum pads with dual-zone snare and three single-zone toms; kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included; three 12" cymbals for ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash play
Whether you’re a beginner who wants to hone your skills in your garage or an experienced musician who needs to work quietly in an apartment, you don’t want any trade-off in quality when you go digital. The Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit is a complete eight-piece electronic drum kit in a compact frame that includes everything you need to play like a pro right in the comfort of your own home or apartment. It features three dynamic 8” tom pads-an 8” dual-zone snare drum for great feel and natural response, plus a kick drum pad with pedal. Three great-feeling 12” cymbals give you a virtually unlimited range of playing expression for a truly realistic drumming experience and the mounting rack keeps everything solid and secure. The setup also inc

List Price: $ 299.00 Price:

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