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Hohner S2603 Hardwood Claves

Hohner S2603 Hardwood Claves

  • Same length, thickness, and smoothness
  • When held in each hand just right, they create a full, resonant sound that brings out the percussionist in every child
  • Includes songs and activities specific to this instrument
  • Ages 3 and up
This pair of sticks are the same length, thickness, and smoothness. And when held in each hand just right, they create a full, resonant sound that brings out the percussionist in every child. Includes songs and activities specific to this instrument. For ages +3 years.

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Meinl Percussion CL1RW 8″ Classic Solid Redwood Claves, Pair (VIDEO)

Meinl Percussion CL1RW 8" Classic Solid Redwood Claves, Pair (VIDEO)

  • SOLID REDWOOD CLAVES, SOLD IN PAIRS: The Meinl solid redwood claves deliver bright, resounding, and rich tones that have cut and clarity. Essential for Afro-Latin rhythms and applicable in virtually any style, claves are the perfect percussion instrument to create polyrhythms, straight beats, or to use for sound effects.
  • CREATE A RESONATING TONE: The lightweight redwood body has outstanding natural acoustic properties. Hold one clave in your non-dominant hand with your palm up, lightly gripping it with your fingertips and thumb tip while striking it with the other clave in your dominant hand. This allows greater resonance and better overall tone.
  • VITAL FOR PERCUSSIONISTS AND DRUMMERS ALIKE: Traditional clave sounds may be used to enhance an acoustic set of music if you are playing on a cajon, djembe, bongos, or congas. They may also be helpful to use with a drum kit or in the studio to layer and accent grooves. Claves bring a unique worldly sound to any form of music.
  • USEFUL FOR MUSIC EDUCATORS: Teachers will find that claves are a fun, easy, and affordable way to develop a young student's sense of rhythm. Counting and timing are crucial to executing traditional clave rhythms.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR MEINL WARRANTY: All Meinl claves carry a two-year manufacturer's warranty when purchased from authorized retailers.
The MEINL Classic Hardwood Claves are the most common claves and produce the classic cutting sound with just the right amount of resonance. These Claves are solid and deliver a bright, pleasant tone that is fitting for any style of music and any musician, professional or beginner. For drummers, learning clave patterns that originate in African and Latin music is a great way to learn, understand, and apply poly rhythmic patterns to the drum kit. These instruments are vital for any percussionist that is looking to enhance their sound.

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More Percussion Products

Stargoods Percussion Instruments Set (Drum, Jingle, Claves & Egg shakers)

Stargoods Percussion Instruments Set (Drum, Jingle, Claves & Egg shakers)

  • Best value: set of 4 different percussion instruments designed for kids and music beginners
  • Design: made of abs plastic, wood and steel for a long lasting experience, sturdy and durable
  • Perfect gift: it is a lovely and beautiful percussion instrument kit to give as a gift for any kid
  • Easy to carry: with the included carry bag you can take the percussion set with you on any ride or travel
  • Lifetime-warranty: our well known star goods life time warranty + world class customer support
Stargoods Percussion Instruments Set (Hand Drum, Jingle stick, pair of Claves and pair of Egg shakers) for Kids. The best set of percussion instruments for kids, including a Hand Drum with wooden beater, Jingle stick with metal jingles, a pair of wooden Claves and a pair of Egg shakers. You also get the Stargoods Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects plus our world-class customer service support. Now for a limited time you can grab yours at our heavily discounted introductory price, just scroll to the top and add to cart.

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Nino Percussion NINO574 Natural Wood Claves, 8″ Regular Size

Nino Percussion NINO574 Natural Wood Claves, 8" Regular Size

  • 8" L x 1" W x 1" H
  • Constructed of environmentally sustainable Rubber Wood
  • Regular size, sold in pairs
  • Fun rhythm instrument for the home or classroom
  • Age rating: 3+
  • More from NINO Percussion: amazon.com/ninopercussion
NINO Percussion offers an outstanding collection of musical instruments designed specifically for children to learn in the classroom or to play recreationally. Nino Percussion's diverse line of instruments include claves, which are an essential instrument in Latin and African drumming. Standard native clave rhythms are perfect for children to learn the essentials of counting in musical phrases. They also help children understand rhythmic foundation and pattern recognition/memorization within a musical context. With their pleasant and rich tones, these instruments are also great fun to have around the home for recreational playing. Whether played alone or with a group, the performance and sound quality of NINO Percussion instruments make the

List Price: $ 7.90 Price: $ 15.08