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LAGRIMA Bb Clarinet Student Beginner Professional School Band w/ Case, Care Kit, 11 Reed

LAGRIMA DHG-240 Standard Bb Flat Clarinet for Student/Beginner/Adult with Case, 11 Reeds, Care Kit Black

  • Key of Bb (B Flat) clarinet with inline trill keys,perfect for beginner
  • MATERIAL-High-grade ABS resin black body with wood grain finish and nickel plated keys
  • High quality clarinet reed &Cylindrical bore& Professional standard
  • Comes with lightweight Case,it is convenient to use and transportation
  • Include:Clarinet, Cleaning Cloth;2 White Glove;Clarinet Case
This excellent Bb Clarinet by LAGRIMA will make your performance even better in various music styles. With high standard of craftsmanship, this Clarinet is so easy to blow for the full range that produces both various and wonderful tone, greatly highlighting your music. LAGRIMA confidently recommend: this Clarinet will offer much pleasure to your practice and performance. Features: Key of Bb clarinet with inline trill keys High quality clarinet reed Durable nickel plated keys Comes with Clarinet Case ,it is convenient to use and transportation
 Specifics: Color: Black Material: Bakelite Product Dimension: Length: 26.4'' Bell: 3.1 ''
Package Content: Clarinet Cleaning Cloth 2 White Glove Clarinet Case

List Price: $ 129.90 Price: $ 75.90

Vandoren CRMIX3 Bb Clarinet Reed Mix Card, Includes 1 Each of V12, 56 Rue Lepic, V21 & Bonus V21

  • Includes a V12, 56 Rue Lepic, V21 and a bonus V21 for free!
  • A great way to try Vandoren premium Bb clarinet reeds without breaking the bank!
  • Every reed has its own color
  • Each reed packaged in 'Flow Pack' ensuring freshness
  • Comparison chart provided on back of card
A convenient way for players to try 3 Vandoren Bb clarinet reed cuts and find the reed that suits them best. Each customer-friendly card includes one each of V12, 56 Rue Lepic and V21 plus a bonus V21 that is a slightly harder.

List Price: $ 12.49 Price: $ 11.84

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D’Addario Woodwinds DRGRD4TBGR Saxophone Cleaning And Care Product

D'Addario Woodwinds Reed Guard for Tenor/Baritone Saxophone and Bass Clarinet, Green

  • Available in black, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple
  • Each reed guard holds four reeds
  • Available in two sizes: Small (Bb Clarinet, Soprano & Alto Saxophone), and Large (Bass Clarinet, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones)
  • Grooved surfaces prevent reed warping
The D'Addario Reed Guards are a stylish, effective way to keep your reeds safe and secure. Our reed guard products offer a convenient, affordable storage solution for students, educators, and artists. The soft elastomer cover is designed to securely but gently hold any assortment of clarinet and saxophone reeds.

List Price: $ 9.50 Price: $ 9.50

Giardinelli Wood Clarinet Master Care Pack

Giardinelli Wood Clarinet Master Care Pack

  • Cordura wallet carrying case Hanky swab Cork grease - tube Key duster brush Mouthpiece brush Bore oil Key oil Polish cloth
Hanky swab, cork grease, duster brush, bore oil, woodwind brush, thumb rest cushion, polishing cloth, and deluxe Cordura case.

List Price: $ 35.00 Price: $ 35.00