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Yamaha YCL-250 Standard Clarinet Outfit **Includes a FREE 20″ x 20″ Musical Canvas Print** Reviews

Yamaha YCL-250 Standard Clarinet Outfit **Includes a FREE 20" x 20" Musical Canvas Print**

  • Nickel plated keys and bell ring
  • 4C mouthpiece
  • CLC-25BL case
New barrel design The Yamaha YCL250 student model clarinet incorporates some of the distinct qualities of Yamaha's professional and custom clarinets. One of these features is a 65mm barrel design that produces a focused tone and quick response. This will help new students in finding those hard to hit first pitches while giving an edge to students who have been playing a while longer. New bell design Nothing can be more frustrating to new students who are learning notes and fingerings for the first time than a soft sounding, out of tune instrument. A new resonance chamber in the bell of the YCL250 aids in projection and improves intonation in lower notes, allowing for the consistency and confidence in learning things correctly the firs


Kokopelli Jazz Band Music Art Large Zippered Canvas Tote Bag

  • FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.
  • 100% Heavy Cotton Canvas
  • 20 Inch Zippered-Top Tote and inside zippered hanging pocket
  • Large Natural Colored Tote Bag
  • One Side Features Art Print by L J Grove

Product Description
This large ZIPPERED tote is 20 inches wide and 15 inches tall with handles that reach 9 inches above the top. This bag features a 20 inch zipper across the top, and the bottom unfolds to make a base over 4 inches wide. It also features an inside zippered hanging pocket to keep those special items extra secure…. More >>

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Choices For Photo On Canvas

Why would anyone opt to print a photo on canvas as compared to paper? Perhaps canvas bears a certain textured look which appeals to a crowd who secretly harbor the look and feel of the masterpieces. Canvas can also portray traditionalism as the shiny and sleek may not be the look one covets in their home or gallery.

It’s a simple and straightforward method to produce a canvas photo print. Although it’s probably not something easily done at home, numerous photo print providers are clamoring over one another for your business. They promise low cost and quick deliveries. Similar to sending hardcopy photos or negatives else uploading digital photos to their site for standard prints onto photo paper, these printers analyze and produce a likeness based on your specifications. To jazz up your photo on canvas, some photo printers offer services to alter the style of your photo by converting them into pop art to jumpstart your very own Andy Warhol collection. If you prefer oils, cartoon, black-&-white classics or whatever other style, they are able to cater to whatever flair your tastes call for. The image is also scaled according to your sizing requirement.

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Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute with Hardcase Polish Cloth & Music Stand & FREE 20″ x 20″ Musical Canvas Wall Print

  • Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute with Hardcase, Cleaning Cloth, & Music Stand
  • Silver-plated head, body, foot and keys; plateau model (closed holes)
  • Music Stand comes with a travel bag
  • INCLUDES A FREE 20″ x 20″ Musical Canvas Wall Print!

Product Description
Gemeinhardt student flutes are durably constructed to provide years of outstanding performance with a minimum of maintenance. Young players benefit from Gemeinhardt’s sure, even response. And Gemeinhardt flutes offer beginning players exceptionally reliable intonation with a minimum of effort…. More >>

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