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Rico Reed Storage Case with Humidity Control Pack for Oboe and Bassoon

  • Stores eight oboe or bassoon reeds at ideal humidity level
  • Includes one 73% relative humidity pack, which requires minimal wetting for your reeds
  • Reeds stay stable
  • Refill packs available in 58%, 73%, and 84%
  • Refill packs will last 45 to 60 days

Product Description
Introducing the new rico reed case for double reeds – the only case designed to work with the reed vitalizer automatic humidity control system (hcs). each case holds 5 oboe or bassoon reeds on mandrels. simply insert the enclosed reed vitalizer pack into the lid, and your reeds are guaranteed to be stored at the proper humidity level. the rico reed case is the only system that offers 2-way humidity control. each reed case comes with one reed vitalizer 73% control pa… More >>

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