Would you rather listen to jazz or classical music?

We have two local public radio stations — one plays jazz, the other classical. Lately, I’ve been listening to the latter more; maybe I’ve been in a somber mood. Do you have a preference between these two?

22 thoughts on “Would you rather listen to jazz or classical music?

  1. .

    I love Jazz until it’s dominated by a sax. Don’t get me wrong,
    a sax is very much needed, but in moderation.
    When it turns into a Kenny G. fest, I switch to classical.

  2. Sox Girl (greybeatle93)

    Jazz. My family is very musical, and so I have learned to appreciate the beauty of classical music, but forced to choose, jazz just gets me in a better mood :)

  3. Rachel

    I don’t know, jazz can be more fun
    I play piano and have for ten years, so I end up playing a lot of both,
    probably more classical, and have grown to love it.
    I wouldn’t listen to it out of choice, but it can
    be therapeutic or calming to play

  4. Binst is happy

    I’d do anything to avoid to listen to jazz music. I really love some classical music, but I usually listen to pop/folk/americana.

    LOL@the Kenny G fest, I know what you mean.

  5. Instant Star Is Stone Cold Crazy

    I like them both.

    Jazz is an easy-listening thing and classical always inspires me to be creative.


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