Would any popular Frank Sinatra recordings be considered jazz?

I’m working on a compialation of the greatest jazz recordings of all time. I know Sinatra was a popular singer in the big band era. Should I include any of his songs like I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Come Fly with Me, Fly Me to the Moon, Night and Day, etc. in a list like that, or are they all considered pop songs? If not any of these, then which ones?

3 thoughts on “Would any popular Frank Sinatra recordings be considered jazz?

  1. Sweetie

    I think that Come fly with me would be considered jazz or Night and Day but most of those would go under big band style. You might also want to include Luck Be a Lady. It has a very jazzy feel, hope this helps!

  2. Left-T

    THose are great songs and definitely, I’ve got you under my skin and Come fly with me are all-time Sinatra favorites.

    One good song is Let’s face the music and Dance. That is a good jazzy swinging tune.

  3. Paul

    If you’re talking about the actual recordings rather than the songs themselves qualifying for inclusion under ‘jazz’ then the answer is no.

    Sinatra was a pop singer, he was accompanied by some truly great musicians who were rarely if ever given the chance to shine on the records. An essential ingredient of jazz is improvisation and this art form was not widespread on Sinatra’s recordings.

    Many of the titles you quote are truly great standards and have indeed been exploited by many jazz greats: it’s just that Sinatra was not one such.

    I hope that doesn’t disappoint too much.


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