Will another Detroit radio station pick up the smooth jazz format?

Much to my dismany, Smooth jazz V98.7 has turned into a station for 16 year old girls. I know SJ is having trouble nationwide however Detroit was one of its stronger markets.

I sure do miss it, anyone think another station will pick the format up? Maybe 107.5 WGPR or will radio one pick it up on one of there signals? Possibly maybe Greater media will put it on 105.1fm?

4 thoughts on “Will another Detroit radio station pick up the smooth jazz format?

  1. rockdjchick

    As a former radio DJ in Detroit, it’s up to the corporate entity that buys or controls the station. If Greater Media, Radio One, Clear Channel, or any of the other companies finds it to be a lucrative format for that market, they will get on board to rejuvenate that format on Detroit radio. Otherwise, don’t count on it. I severely doubt it. It’s all in the hands of corporate radio now……….

  2. adidas-fan

    You will probably have to resort to Satellite radio. Sirits offers 3 jazz stations. There is a chance that one of the other stations will switch formats, but that’s doubtful. Jazz stations seldom make money. Some of the NPR stations broadcast jazz segments.

  3. Duh

    NO BS Here either, bud. Your question requires a great deal of knowledge about radio in general and the Detroit market specifically, as to your question: maybe.

    Greater Media blew SJ off in Boston, why would they pick it up in Detroit? Though they aren’t exactly owning the market, they’re not doing that badly.

    WHTD or WGPR are candidates. Both are Urban/UrbanAC and neither has good ratings, but decent signals – so it’s possible. WDRQ could almost double their numbers if they grabbed it, they’ve got a 2.5 now, VMV had a 4.3 – so that might make sense to Citadel – if and when they can stave off bankruptcy.

    The problem is the ad agencies weren’t buying it – the demos are too old. Everyone thinks teens and 18-24s have all the purchasing power. These idiots are, of course, 24 year old media buyers. Don’t get me started.

    We miss all the SJ stations. We used to make a lot of money doing promotions for them. Now the whole format is in the toilet. You can still get VMV online and on their HD channel (if you want to go buy an HD radio that will be worthless in a couple of years). Your best bet is satellite. Buy Sirius (for the receiver, because XM will probably disappear soon) and get one that has docking for both car and home.

    That’s your best solution.

    Have a smoooth day! ;<) -a guy named duh


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