What’s the difference between classical and rock or jazz music?

I mean in the use of musical theory (armony, improvisation, counterpoint, etc) is there a big difference between classical music and rock(good rock, like king crimson) or jazz?

Also i would like you to recommend me some classical composers and performers as well.


2 thoughts on “What’s the difference between classical and rock or jazz music?

  1. amitmn79

    The most important difference between the so called classical music (Renaissance, Baroque, classical, romantic, modern, post modern) is that classical music has a style and originality, order, depth, meanings and richness of sound, structure and a journey – as oppose to the modern pop/ rock style that has 4.5 chords running through it in repetitions, with no meanings, no journey, no depth and no sophistication.
    Am I a snob? You might think so but please try it out yourself properly and see for yourself.

    As to the other request – I’ll be delighted to introduce loads of classical composers and pieces.
    As a matter of fact my website was designed for my own piano students and good guys such as yourself whom interested to know more about classical music and never dared to ask.


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