What is the most recommended alto sax for 14 yeal old beginner for jazz band?

I want to buy a new sax for my grandson who currently plays flute in his school band. His music teacher wants him to continue flute in the band but has offered him and opportunity to learn sax and play in a new jazz group they are putting together. What is the brand of alto sax I should consider?

4 thoughts on “What is the most recommended alto sax for 14 yeal old beginner for jazz band?

  1. Amanda ;)

    I started band back in 6th grade and I played the alto sax. The brand i used was called selmer and i never had ne problems :)

  2. fireonwater

    bundy selmer or yamaha….they’re really good beginning instruments, shouldn’t be too expensive but they hold up.

  3. M &M j

    ok im 15 and i just started sax. so if you know your grandkid will continue with sax and be passionate about it then buy him a new bundy or yamaha, but if hes still a loose impressionable kid who hasntcommited yet then buy him a used one and a fibracell synthetic reid bcuz without one he will need a new one almost every day or two until he gains experience trust me

  4. MAR

    Any of the following brands are good options for a beginning student. Selmer, LeBlanc, Yamaha and Conn. Each of those brands as a student model. Selmer Aristocrat, LeBlanc Vito (which is made by Selmer now), Yamaha YAS-23 and Conn Director. All of these models are pretty much the same. I have found that the Yamaha’s play a little bit better. A few other brands you can look for used are Selmer USA, Selmer Bundy, Conn 20m or Conn Shooting Star. These are all decent lines that were made back in the 60’s and 70’s. Expect to pay around $1200 to $1400 new and $400 to $1000 used depending on brand and condition.

    Also, you will find saxophones online for much cheaper but they are not worth the money. They are made in China and have brand names like Jean Baptiste, Antigua, Monique, Crescent, Simba, Lark, Hawk etc. Truthfully I think they just pull these name out of a hat when they leave the factory. DO NOT buy these instruments. They are poorly made. You will spend more money fixing it then if you had bought a used horn made in the US or a new model built in the US or Taiwan. Also, most band director wont approve these instruments. Hope this helps.


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