What good jazz songs are there to listen to?

I heard the Kenny G’s tenor sax solo in Katy Perry’s song last friday night or something. and i was thinking to myself that sounds really good it sounds like the intros they have in the beginning of saturday night live. Are there other jazz songs that have that intense, lively sax style that i can listen to?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlyXNRrsk4A here is the solo at 3:55

5 thoughts on “What good jazz songs are there to listen to?

  1. Crash

    “Tropical Rain” by Jessy J
    “Ladyfingers” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
    “Heart and Soul” by Kenny G
    “Songbird” by Kenny G
    “Imagination” by Woody Shaw
    “If I ain’t Got You” by Eric Darius
    “Do You Miss Me” by Mindy Abair
    “Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller
    “Breezin’ ” by George Benson
    “Waiting for the Train to Come In” by Peggy Lee
    “Camouflage” by Boney James
    “Seduction” by Boney James
    “Embraceable You” by Chris Botti

  2. Dozee

    ‘Round Midnight – Thelonius Monk

    Anything John Coltrane and Miles Davis. I also recommend Bessie Smith for vocals.

  3. Alexandra

    “My one and Only love”- John Coltrane

    “A time for Love” Bill Evans

    The WHOLE “Stan Getz for Lovers”

    “Hersey Kisses” Stan Getz

    “The Peacocks (amazing song) Bills Evans & Stan Getz


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