What are some jazz songs that any self respecting jazz lover would have on his iPod?

im really starting to get into jazz but i dont know which songs are like the best of the best. instrumental only is great but ill listen to vocals too

7 thoughts on “What are some jazz songs that any self respecting jazz lover would have on his iPod?

  1. mossimo

    It’s hard to narrow down songs, but some albums that come to mind:
    Juju-Wayne Shorter
    Giant Steps/A Love Supreme-John Coltrane
    Mingus Ah Um- Charles Mingus
    Maiden Voyage: Herbie Hancock
    Largo-Brad Mehldau

  2. Nickname here

    Moanin’ by mingus is just insane, you should have that on there if anything just for the sake of screwing with your friends heads.

  3. Smuffin

    Footprints By Wayne Shorter
    Girl from Ipanema by Stan Getz
    Autumn Leaves by many persons
    Blue Bossa by many persons

  4. Philip

    Other Classics:
    Blue Train – John Coltrane
    Something Else – Cannonball Adderley
    Ellington At Newport – Duke Ellington
    Time Out – Dave Brubeck
    Big Swing Face – Buddy Rich
    Ella & Louis – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
    Night Train – Oscar Peterson
    Study In Brown – Clifford Brown

    And here’s a great reference:

  5. Clara Fonteyn

    *Anything* by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, or John Coltrane. Try: They can’t take that away from me (Ella & Louis Armstrong), Fever (Ella), Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off (Ella and Louis). For a slow one, there’s I Love Paris (Ella). You can try My Favorite Things (John Coltrane), too.

    You might want to listen to them on something like playlist.com before you buy them from iTunes, though. You might find some other song, or find out that you hate one I suggested. ;D I hope not!

    Good luck! 😀

  6. Mohawk Man

    First off, this a list of a little bit of what i listen to. But the song that got me interested in Jazz is “Birdland”-Maynard Ferguson. All of these songs are great though!!!!

    Dirty Dozen Brass Band- Use your brain
    Dizzy Gillespie- Any of his songs(my favorite is “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”)
    Gene Krupa-blue moon, Sing!Sing!Sing!
    Herbie Hancock- Chameleon
    Manhattan Transfer- Any song
    Maynard Ferguson(My favorite artist)-Birdland, Chameleon, Give it one, Caravan, Blue Birdland, Free lee, Maria, MacArthur Park, Gonna Fly Now, Hey Jude, and many more(note: most of these songs he is not the original artist of )
    Miles Davis-So What
    Weather Report-Birdland, Thanks for the Memory, Up the Downstair- and Havona
    Charlie Parker- Anything
    Stan Getz- Girl from Ipenema
    Arturo Sandoval-Any song

    and personally, i would not listen to Buddy Rich. He may have been good, but the way he treated his band was wrong. i have a MP3 of him saying a bunch of crap to his band. i hope this helps


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