4 thoughts on “what are some good jazz pieces for a band?

  1. Kaitlyn

    Try Jus’ Plain blues
    I played it in my beginner band concert. I don’t know of it has music for the instruments u want tho

  2. Elias

    The best way is to play through some charts in a Fake Book or Real Book if your guys can read music. If they can’t read, I’d suggest they learn before trying to play jazz. I’m a drummer, so I can recommend ‘The Art of Bop Drumming’ by John Riley as the absolute best book for learning to play jazz on the drums. Good luck to you!

  3. Lucas

    jam. not music jazz doesnt use music.

    say a key.
    tell the bass to start a bass line in the key
    the drummer plays off that,
    guitarist plays a riff in that key.
    piano solos or plays chords in the key.

    to feel jazz you need to improv, not play jazz music.

    soloing logically is a great exrsize, you only have 3 notes to solo with. solo to the sound of the music.


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