The Tradition of Great Chicago Live Music Continues With Gooey

Chicago Illinois has long been a music epicenter. In the early 1900’s, plantation workers migrated from the south bringing with them jazz and the blues, which lead to the birth of the Chicago blues and Chicago style Jazz. Chicago became very famous for the Blues however the Chicago music scene is not just limited to the Blues. Chicago is full of every kind of music from Symphony to punk rock and everything in between. Any and every kind of music style, Chicago has it all.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s folk music became a focal point from a number of prominent folk singer-songwriters like John Prine and Steve Goodman. The Chicago music scene is also famous for the Chicago house, a style of house music, which led to the birth of the techno style of music. In the 1980’s and 1990’s rock music, especially heavy, punk rock and alternative music were strong in Chicago when bands like The Smashing Pumpkins got their big start. And more recently more hip hop artists like Kanye West are emerging from the Chicago music scene. Despite the different varieties of music, these artists all have one thing in common – they all got their start in Chicago.

The tradition of a great local music continues with Gooey, an energetic band who has hit the Chicago music scene with a number of power pop albums. Gooey is led by songwriter and vocalist Juan Avila and supported by Chris Eudy and Brian Vaughan on the electric guitar, Tom Hickey on the bass and John Noyes on the drums.

Gooey is known in the local Chicago music scene for their jangly power pop albums with catchy, relatable and heartfelt lyrics, toting Matthew Sweet and Beatles influences. From the release of their album Gooey in 2004 to their latest Larger than Large (coming out later in 2010), they have hit the right chord with Chicago music lovers and critics alike. Gooey is Chicago’s Hottest Band with the sticky sweet name and music that is not to miss in the Chicago live music scene. Gooey will have you dancing, singing and feeling great with their fun and funky sounds that grab you and keep you coming back for more.

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