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Every person has a different choice of music and songs. Music can range from jazz to classical and rock ‘n’ roll to opera. The field of music is vast and unimaginable. From this fountain of music immerge beautiful clear springs – songs. Each song with it’s lyrics and the artists voice is unique and it remains unique forever. A collection of these springs is what makes a memorable album!

Lyrics-library is a site dedicated to making available these priceless albums and songs to music lovers over the world. They have a collection of thousands of songs of all ages and also the lyrics and videos of each song. You could browse through the site listening to your favourites or choose an album an order it. The song lyrics and music lyrics can also be downloaded from the site.

You can login and become a member to be updated about the various artists and albums added by the members themselves to the site. Viewers can even contact and find out more about the prices and postal details of their orders. The entire site is dedicated solely to music and therefore it is an ideal place for music lovers to get what they always wanted. Karaoke songs can also be bought or you can create your own karaoke by buying the albums and singing with the lyrics. Before buying an album you can see the video and sing along seeing the lyrics alongside.

Popular artists whose collections are now rare to find can be searched on this site and you can go through the list of songs in the album before you decide to place an order for it. A great hub for online music this site gives you the opportunity to view music online and also buy it to add to your own collection. The best feature however is the availability of lyrics with each song which is rare in most sites, the lyrics and the video make the site a complete one stop shop for music lovers searching for their all time hit bands, artists and groups. The search is over now, it’s time to choose!

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