3 thoughts on “I’d like to play Jazz piano but where do I start?

  1. Simple Man

    First it dependson how good you play already.
    Second, this question was already asked a lot, just search “learn jazz piano” and you will find a lot of answers.

  2. Doya K

    a lot of jazz piano is improvisation. for that you want to learn music theory. study up on jazz scales. a lot of the time you will be given a lead sheet like this http://wikifonia.org/node/5046. a lot of the time you will be vamping behind the other artists. so you need to know how to play all the different jazz chords. you will also need to know how to do fills. so practice playing all your jazz scales and chords over different chord changes. it’s also a good idea to learn the different chord progressions. feel free to use this website to find lead sheets http://wikifonia.org/ . a good thing to do is to listen to jazz…. all the time. believe it or not listening to jazz is actually pretty good use of practice time. and as always practice practice practice.


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