How to Jazz up Your Garage Roller Door

1.Small changes

One way of spicing up your garage roller door would be to substitute the typical garage handle withsome thing far more ornamental and pretty.

You might also customize the colour of your garage roller door. As opposed to opting for a standard and safe colour, select something a little more lively or bold, a number of people have even painted every panel of their garage roller door an alternative colour.


It is a new trend to install small windows into your garage roller door. These windows range in size and design, enabling you to totally personalize your garage door window look.

Not merely will garage roller door windows boost elegance of your property but in addition add value to the property. Moreover, as well as adding visually to your garage door, these windows also add practical value because they permit daylight to come streaming into your garage. This could be extremely beneficial if you employ your garage as more of a work room than the usual storage space.

3. Paint a mural

To give your garage roller door with quite a personal and exclusive look why not paint a mural onto it.

What you decide to paint is due to personal choice and definately will make your garage roller door much more of a talking pointcompared to the typical generic garage door.

Nevertheless, doensure that your mural will not offend or insult any one of your neighbours.

4.Printed photographic canvas’s

It’s a fairly modern selection and one that’s proving to be very popular across Europe. It is possible to print one of your favourite images/photographs onto a huge canvas to cover your garage roller door.

These images can range from beautiful scenery, a household portrait to a canvas that indicates there’s a yacht or horses in your garage.

In contrast to painting a mural, this method is less long term and enables you to alter the canvas, depending upon the season, occasion or your mood.

5.Seasonal adornments

Almost everyone embellishes the rest of their house once the holidays come around, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, but no one really seems to bother including their garage door in these festivities.

Separate from this typical behaviour and spruce up your garage roller door to coincide with the holidays. This can include using reusable stickers that will not pull off your garage door paint when they are removed, covering your garage door with paper and adding an ornamental bow, as well as securing decorations to your garage door.

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