How many guitarists are there in a jazz band?

I’m gonna have jazz band this upcoming high school year, and I’m wondering up to how many guitarists are there in jazz band? I joined cause hopefully I could play guitar, and I even bought a hollowbody for the genre.

9 thoughts on “How many guitarists are there in a jazz band?

  1. Keegan

    I believe only one since they are not used in all the songs some schools don’t even use guitars.

  2. Tim O'Donnell

    the norm seems to be 1 guitar and 1 bass guitar.

    as it has been mentioned already though, as many or as few as you want.

  3. STAN V

    I would listen to some recordings of Barney Kessel to hear what the guitar sounds like with other musicians, try ” Straight Ahead ” rec ’75 on Contemporary/OJC, he was a West Coast jazz guitarist who recorded for the Contemporary label,
    usualy there was one guitarist in a band/group.

  4. Eric T

    The cover of Parisian Swing from Django Reinhardt shows three (+ bass & Violin).
    I have worked with a band called Gypsy Pacific that had two (+ bass & violin).
    I have a couple Gabor Szabo record that sport at least two.
    California Guitar Trio has three (they are not strictly jazz, tho).
    If it’s jazz I think anything goes.

  5. darth bane

    normally only one but depending on the jazz band teachers taste could be up to 3 before it gets obsessive also if you have a huge jazz band it could also change the number

  6. yanksnut

    In high school, as many as want to play. In general, only one. My jazz band had two, and we did very well


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