4 thoughts on “Does anybody know of any great jazz albums?

  1. Woodward

    Andy H has a good point, but he’s wrong. There’s no such thing as “the greatest,” unless it used to be named Cassius Clay.

    Though, if you want an album that hits the trumpet, saxophone, and cool requierments, then “Kind of Blue” will totally do it.

    “Sketches of Spain,” also by Miles Davis, hits all the things “Kind of Blue” does, PLUS has the Spanish tinge.

    Any old best of with Dave Brubeck (with his quartet featuring Paul Desmond) will easily hit the cool and saxophone points.

    Otherwise, here are some other really good jazz albums:

    “Duke Ellington & John Coltrane”: very tight, cool and hot at different times, a terrific saxophonist, ah! What’s not to like!?

    “Mingus Ah Um,” Charles Mingus: He’s considered “avant garde,” and does have some challenging stuff, but he also has a beauty to him. And he’s into Latin jokes! Haha, read his book if you want something really avant garde…

    Anything by Django Reinhardt: He’s super cool, and all eastern european sounding. And he’s a guitarist! Hooray!

    “Waltz for Koop,” by Koop. This one’s much more recent, and more electronic, but very relaxing and of quality.

    Hope I’ve been of help! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

  2. eddie

    The Bad Plus! I have been listening to this jazz trio a lot lately. Technically, they are astounding, but they incorporate some beautiful (and often very catchy) melodies. They mix pop and indie rock with jazz to create some really interesting music. Their album “Suspicious Activity?” would be a great place to start with them.



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