Creative Uses of Decorative Window Film

Do you want to get rid of the ugly view on your window? Have you ever dreamed of changing your windows into those stunning stained glass because your prying neighbor never seems to get tired from peeking inside your home? No, there is no need to do some major window overhaul. There is a quick and economical way to solve these problems—use a decorative window film.

A window film for decoration is a thin sheet of vinyl that you can apply to your windows to give an alluring look to it, to hide an unwanted view, or to keep your home’s privacy. Decorative window film works like sunglasses as it blocks the sun’s harmful rays from entering into your home but still allows soft light to brighten your room. An environment-friendly décor, window film helps conserve energy—it keeps your room from warming up on summer days and maintains heat on winter months.

Here are some ways on how and where you can use window films:

  • Use window films the traditional way. Forget about your dust-gathering draperies and curtains and replace them with decorative window films. Various choices are available from stained glass films, to etched- and frosted films, to decorative accents and borders. You can also choose whether to cover your entire window, cover only the lower half of it, or accent your window with borders.
  • Make your front door a center of attention. If you have a glass door, decorative films make a fantastic treatment for it. You can dress up the entire door or just design the edges and corners for a unique effect. You can also apply a centerpiece oval for a little privacy without covering the entire surface.
  • Jazz up your French doors. Those multiple windows need not be so boring. Add color and elegance to these doors by applying deco tints or stained glass films.
  • Use it on glass cylinders. Having a dinner party? Add some pizzazz to the night by decorating your glass cylinders with strips of window film. When you are done, just peel off the film.
  • Liven up your mirrors. This might be the update that you are waiting for to liven up your old bathroom. Surround the mirror with decorative accents to add beauty and excitement to the room.
  • Make sliding doors safe for everyone. Did you ever experience running into the sliding door without realizing that it is closed? To avoid other people, most especially the children, from experiencing this, cut out several even squares of decorative window film and apply it at even distances on each door.
  • Privacy for your basement windows. You may not notice it but basement windows are prone to prying. Put window film on your glass panes to keep prying eyes at bay.
  • Have a glass sunroom? While sunrooms are great, they are not very welcome during the summer months. To help reduce heat and save energy, stick privacy window films on it during summer.

There are actually endless ideas on how you can creatively use window films other than beautifying your windowpanes. Look around your home. As long as there is a flat, non-porous, clear surface, there is a place for sticking a window film.

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